LPFM Comments

Here are quick summaries of the comments filed on the two petitions to establish low power radio broadcast services along with links to the actual text.  The summaries are mine, and are believed to be accurate.  The name of the commenter is generally the radio station call letters, if the comments were written on radio station letterhead.  Otherwise, it might be the name of an individual or the name of a company.  The comment text is from scanning and OCRing copies of the comments received from ITS.  This is not the complete set of comments, as I have not had time to scan them all.  More are being added all the time!  Finally, every effort has been made to maintain the original intent and spelling of the comments.  There may, however, be OCR errors that I missed. Please let me know of any errors you find.  I'll compare the posted text with the copy I have. Further, it is possible that ITS did not send all the comments filed in the proceeding.  This should, however, be a fairly representative sample.

7/14/98 - I've received a pile more comments from ITS.  I don't have time to scan them before the reply comment deadline, so I'll add summaries for now.

8/18/98 - Additional original comments are being scanned slowly.  Once these are complete, reply comments will be ordered and scanned (assuming the FCC does not have its ECFS up and running by then).  For now, my reply comments are available here.

9/26/98 - The FCC has the Electronic Comment Filing System up and running!  I'll add summaries of comments I haven't OCR'd as yet to the list below.  These summaries will include links to the PDF files on file at the FCC, where you can see the comments as submitted.

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