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FCC 0.455
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 0.455   Other locations at which records may be inspected.

   Except as provided in § 0.453, § 0.457, and § 0.459, records are
   routinely available for inspection in the Reference Information Center
   or the offices of the Bureau or Office which exercises responsibility
   over the matters to which those records pertain (see § 0.5), or will be
   made available for inspection at those offices upon request. Upon
   inquiry to the appropriate Bureau or Office, persons desiring to
   inspect such records will be directed to the specific location at which
   the particular records may be inspected. Examples of the records
   available from Bureaus and Offices are set forth in paragraphs (a)
   through (c).

   (a) Media Bureau. (1) Rulings under secs. 312(a)(7), 315, and 317 of
   the Communications Act of 1934, as amended;

   (2) All materials associated with a rate proceeding for basic cable
   service and associated equipment over which the Commission has assumed
   jurisdiction pursuant to § 76.913 of this chapter;

   (3) All materials associated with Commission review of franchise
   authority decisions concerning the rate charged for the basic cable
   service tier and associated equipment pursuant to § 76.944 of this

   (4) All materials associated with local government requests for
   authorization to regulate basic cable rates pursuant to § 76.910 of
   this chapter (Form 328);

   (5) All materials associated with the certification of Open Video
   System (OVS) operators pursuant to § 76.1502 of this chapter;

   (6) A list of all registered cable communities is maintained
   electronically at; and

   (7) Public notices issued related to CARS licenses, Cable Special
   Relief Petitions, and other filings are available electronically at

   (b) Office of Managing Director. (1) All minutes of Commission actions,
   containing a record of all final votes, minutes of actions and internal
   management matters as provided in § 0.457(b)(1) and (c)(1)(i). These
   records and files are available for inspection in the Office of the

   (2) Files containing information concerning the history of the
   Commission's rules. These files are available for inspection in the
   Office of the Secretary.

   (3) Reports filed by employees pursuant to 5 CFR Parts 2634 and 3902
   and applications for inspection of such reports. See § 0.460(k).

   (c) International Bureau. (1) The treaties and other international and
   bilateral agreements listed in § 73.1650 of this chapter are available
   for inspection in the office of the Chief, Strategic Analysis and
   Negotiations Division, International Bureau.

   (2) Contracts and other arrangement filed under § 43.51 of this chapter
   and reports of negotiations regarding foreign communication matters
   filed under § 43.52 of this chapter, except those kept confidential
   pursuant to sec. 412 of the Communications Act. See § 0.457(c)(3).

   (3) Files relating to international settlements under part 64 of this

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