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FCC 0.453
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 0.453   Public reference rooms.

   The Commission maintains the FCC Reference Information Center as its
   public reference room at its offices in Washington, DC. Much of the
   information available from the public reference room may also be
   retrieved from the Commission's main Web site at and
   its electronic reading room at

   (a) The Reference Information Center. Maintains files containing the
   record of all docketed cases, petitions for rule making and related
   papers. A file is maintained for each docketed hearing case and for
   each docketed rule making proceeding. Cards summarizing the history of
   such cases for the years before 1984 are available for inspection.
   Information summarizing the history of such cases for the years from
   1984 through present is available online on the Electronic Comment
   Filing System (ECFS).

   (b) Broadcast Services. The following files and documents are
   available, including:

   (1) Applications for radio and television broadcast station
   construction permits, licenses, modifications of facilities, license
   renewal, assignments and transfer of control, including any Commission
   correspondence or rulings pertaining to those applications;

   (2) Petitions to deny, informal objections, and complaints directed
   against the stations and/or station applications;

   (3) Ownership reports filed by licensees pursuant to § 73.3615 of this

   (4) Television network application contracts, radio and television time
   brokerage agreements, and other documents required to be filed under
   § 73.3613 of this chapter;

   (5) Children's television programming reports filed by commercial
   television licensees pursuant to § 73.3526 of this chapter;

   (6) Annual DTV ancillary/supplementary services reports filed by
   commercial and non-commercial educational digital television licensees
   pursuant to § 73.624 of this chapter;

   (7) Station requests for declaratory rulings, special temporary
   authorizations, and other waivers;

   (8) Annual employment reports filed by licensees and permittees of
   broadcast stations pursuant to § 73.3612 of this chapter; and.

   (9) Responses from licensees to random audits of their Equal Employment
   Opportunity programs conducted pursuant to § 73.2080 of this chapter.

   (c) Common Carrier Services, including:

   (1) Annual reports filed by carriers under § 43.21 of this chapter;

   (2) Reports of proposed changes in depreciation rates filed by carriers
   under § 43.43 of this chapter;

   (3) Rate-of-return reports filed by price-cap and rate-of-return
   incumbent local exchange carriers under § 65.600 of this chapter;

   (4) All applications for common carrier authorizations acted upon by
   the Enforcement Bureau, and related files;

   (5) All formal and informal carrier-to-carrier complaints against
   common carriers filed under § 1.711 through § 1.735 of this chapter,
   all documents filed in connection therewith, and all communications
   related thereto;

   (6) Annual employment reports filed by common carrier licensees or
   permittees pursuant to § 1.815 of this chapter;

   (7) Enforcement proceedings and public inquiries and related materials;

   (8) Cost Allocation Manuals and related materials;

   (9) Currently effective tariffs filed by Communications Common Carriers
   pursuant to various FCC Rules and Regulations; and

   (10) Recent revisions to tariff filings and the Reference Information
   Center Log, which is prepared daily and lists the tariff filings
   received the previous day.

   (d) Wireless Telecommunications Services and Auction related data

   (1) Pending files containing applications for additional facilities or
   modifications of existing facilities;

   (2) Cellular and Paging Granted Station files and related materials;

   (3) Pending cellular and paging applications and related files;

   (4) Electronically stored application and licensing data for commercial
   radio operators and for all authorizations in the Wireless Radio
   services are available for public inspection via the Commission's Web
   site, Wireless Radio services include
   Commercial and Private Mobile Radio, Common Carrier and Private
   Operational Field point-to-point Microwave, Local Television
   Transmission Service (LTTS), Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS),
   Aviation Ground and Marine Coast applications; and

   (5) Petitions and related materials.

   (e) International Services as follows, except to the extent they are
   excluded from routine public inspection under another section of this

   (1) Satellite and earth station applications files and related
   materials under part 25 of this chapter;

   (2) Section 214 applications and related files under part 63 of this
   chapter, to the extent that they concern international communications
   facilities and services;

   (3) International Fixed Public Radio applications and related files
   under part 23 of this chapter;

   (4) Files relating to submarine cable landing licenses and applications
   for such licenses since June 30, 1934, except for maps showing the
   exact location of submarine cables, which are withheld from inspection
   under sec. 4(j) of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. 154(j) (see
   § 0.457(c)(1)(i));

   (5) International broadcast applications, applications for permission
   to deliver programming to foreign stations, and related files under
   part 73 of this chapter; and

   (6) Contracts and other arrangements filed under § 43.51 of this
   chapter, except for those that are filed with a request for
   confidential treatment (see § 0.459) or are deemed confidential
   pursuant to sec. 412 of the Communications Act (see also
   § 0.457(c)(3)).

   (f) Cable and other Multichannel Video Program Distribution Services.
   The following files and records are available, including:

   (1) Complaints regarding multichannel video programming, all documents
   filed in connection therewith, and all communications related thereto,
   unless the cable operator has submitted a request pursuant to § 0.459
   that such information not be made routinely available for public

   (2) Special relief petitions and files pertaining to cable television

   (3) Special relief petitions and files pertaining to DBS television

   (4) Petitions and related documents concerning the enforcement of
   regulations governing the installation of over-the-air reception
   devices (OTARD) pursuant to § 1.4000 of this chapter;

   (5) Filings by cable television operators, including Cable Signal
   Leakage Reports (Form 320 and § 76.1804 of this chapter), Cable System
   Registration Statements (§ 76.1801 of this chapter), Cable System
   Operator Changes (§ 76.1610 of this chapter), Cable Aeronautical
   Frequency Notifications (§ 76.1804 of this chapter), Cable Annual
   Report (Form 325 and § 76.403 of this chapter), and filings related to
   CARS licenses (Part 78 of this chapter).

   Note to paragraph (f)(5): This data also is available at Electronic submissions for cable filings
   (excluding CARS) are mandatory. Original forms are not available for
   information filed electronically, but the Reference Information Center
   or the Commission's Copy Contractor may assist in producing paper
   copies of information found in the COALS database;

   (6) Annual employment reports filed by multichannel video programming
   distributors pursuant to § 76.1802 of this chapter; and

   (7) Responses from multichannel video programming distributors to
   random audits of their Equal Employment Opportunity programs conducted
   pursuant to § 76.77 of this chapter.

   [ 74 FR 14078 , Mar. 30, 2009, as amended at  76 FR 24389 , May 2, 2011]

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