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FCC 43.51
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 43.51   Contracts and concessions.

   (a)(1) Any communication common carrier described in paragraph (b) of
   this section must file with the Commission, within thirty (30) days of
   execution, a copy of each contract, agreement, concession, license,
   authorization, operating agreement or other arrangement to which it is
   a party and amendments thereto (collectively hereinafter referred to as
   "agreement" for purposes of this rule) with respect to the following:

   (i) The exchange of services; and,

   (ii) The interchange or routing of traffic and matters concerning
   rates, accounting rates, division of tolls, or the basis of settlement
   of traffic balances, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this

   (2) If the contract, agreement, concession, license, authorization,
   operating agreement or other arrangement and amendments thereto is made
   other than in writing, a certified statement covering all details
   thereof must be filed by at least one of the parties to the agreement.
   Each other party to the agreement which is also subject to these
   provisions may, in lieu of also filing a copy of the agreement, file a
   certified statement referencing the filed document. The Commission may,
   at any time and upon reasonable request, require any communication
   common carrier not subject to the provisions of this section to submit
   the documents referenced in this section.

   (b) The following communication common carriers must comply with the
   requirements of paragraph (a) of this section:

   (1) A carrier that is engaged in domestic communications and has not
   been classified as non-dominant pursuant to § 61.3 of this Chapter; or

   (2) A carrier that is engaged in foreign communications and that has
   been classified as dominant for any service on any of the
   U.S.-international routes included in the contract, except for a
   carrier classified as dominant on a particular route due only to a
   foreign carrier affiliation under § 63.10 of this chapter.

   (c) With respect to contracts coming within the scope of paragraph
   (a)(1)(ii) of this section between subject telephone carriers and
   connecting carriers, except those contracts related to communications
   with foreign or overseas points, such documents shall not be filed with
   the Commission; but each subject telephone carrier shall maintain a
   copy of such contracts to which it is a party in appropriate files at a
   central location upon its premises, copies of which shall be readily
   accessible to Commission staff and members of the public upon
   reasonable request therefor; and upon request by the Commission, a
   subject telephone carrier shall promptly forward individual contracts
   to the Commission.

   (d) Any U.S. carrier, other than a provider of commercial mobile radio
   services, that is engaged in foreign communications, and enters into an
   agreement with a foreign carrier, is subject to the Commission's
   authority to require the U.S. carrier providing service on any
   U.S.-international routes to file, on an as-needed basis, a copy of
   each agreement to which it is a party.

   Note 1 to § 43.51: For purposes of this section, affiliated and foreign
   carrier are defined in § 63.09 of this chapter.

   Note 2 to § 43.51: To the extent that a foreign government provides
   telecommunications services directly through a governmental
   organization, body or agency, it shall be treated as a foreign carrier
   for the purposes of this section.

   [ 66 FR 16879 , Mar. 28, 2001, as amended at  69 FR 23153 , Apr. 28, 2004;
    78 FR 11112 , Feb. 15, 2013]

   Effective Date Note: At  78 FR 11112 , Feb. 15, 2013, § 43.51 was amended
   by revising paragraph (d). This paragraph (d) contains information
   collection and recordkeeping requirements and will not become effective
   until approval has been given by the Office of Management and Budget.

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