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FCC 76.1801
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 76.1801   Registration statement.

   (a) A system community unit shall be authorized to commence operation
   only after filing with the Commission the following information on FCC
   Form 322.

   (1) The legal name of the operator, entity identification or social
   security number, and whether the operator is an individual, private
   association, partnership, or corporation. If the operator is a
   partnership, the legal name of the partner responsible for
   communications with the Commission shall be supplied;

   (2) The assumed name (if any) used for doing business in the community;

   (3) The mailing address, including zip code; e-mail address, if
   applicable; and telephone number to which communications are to be

   (4) The month and year the system began service to subscribers;

   (5) The name of the community or area served and the county in which it
   is located;

   (6) The television broadcast signals to be carried which previously
   have not been certified or registered; and

   (7) The FCC Registration Number (FRN).

   (b) Registration statements, FCC Form 322, shall be signed by the
   operator; by one of the partners, if the operator is a partnership; by
   an officer, if the operator is a corporation; by a member who is an
   officer, if the operator is an unincorporated association; or by any
   duly authorized employee of the operator.

   (c) Registration statements, FCC Form 322, may be signed by the
   operator's attorney in case of the operator's physical disability or of
   his absence from the United States. The attorney shall in that event
   separately set forth the reasons why the registration statement was not
   signed by the operator. In addition, if any matter is stated on the
   basis of the attorney's belief only (rather than the attorney's
   knowledge), the attorney shall separately set forth the reasons for
   believing that such statements are true.

   [ 68 FR 27003 , May 19, 2003]

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