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FCC 73.1650
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 73.1650   International agreements.

   (a) The rules in this part 73, and authorizations for which they
   provide, are subject to compliance with the international obligations
   and undertakings of the United States. Accordingly, all provisions in
   this part 73 are subject to compliance with applicable requirements,
   restrictions, and procedures accepted by the United States that have
   been established by or pursuant to treaties or other international
   agreements, arrangements, or understandings to which the United States
   is a signatory, including applicable annexes, protocols, resolutions,
   recommendations and other supplementing documents associated with such
   international instruments.

   (b) The United States is a signatory to the following treaties and
   other international agreements that relate, in whole or in part, to AM,
   FM or TV broadcasting:

   (1) The following instruments of the International Telecommunication

   (i) Constitution.

   (ii) Convention.

   (iii) Radio Regulations.

   (2) Regional Agreements for the Broadcasting Service in Region 2:

   (i) MF Broadcasting 535-1605 kHz, Rio de Janeiro, 1981.

   (ii) MF Broadcasting 1605-1705 kHz, Rio de Janeiro, 1988.

   (3) Bi-lateral Agreements between the United States and Canada relating

   (i) AM Broadcasting.

   (ii) FM Broadcasting.

   (iii) TV Broadcasting.

   (4) Bi-lateral Agreements between the United States and Mexico relating

   (i) AM Broadcasting.

   (ii) FM Broadcasting.

   (iii) TV Broadcasting.

   (5) Bi-lateral Agreement between the United States and the Bahama
   Islands relating to presunrise operations by AM stations.

   (6) North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement (NARBA), which, for
   the United States, remains in effect with respect to the Dominican
   Republic and the Bahama Islands.

   The documents listed in this paragraph are available for inspection in
   the office of the Chief, Planning and Negotiations Division,
   International Bureau, FCC, Washington, DC. Copies may be purchased from
   the FCC Copy Contractor, whose name may be obtained from the FCC
   Consumer Assistance Office.

   [ 54 FR 39737 , Sept. 28, 1989, as amended at  56 FR 64872 , Dec. 12, 1991;
    60 FR 5333 , Jan. 27, 1995]

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