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FCC 15.25
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 15.25   Kits.

   A TV interface device, including a cable system terminal device, which
   is marketed as a kit shall comply with the following requirements:

   (a) All parts necessary for the assembled device to comply with the
   technical requirements of this part must be supplied with the kit. No
   mechanism for adjustment that can cause operation in violation of the
   requirements of this part shall be made accessible to the builder.

   (b) At least two units of the kit shall be assembled in exact
   accordance with the instructions supplied with the product to be
   marketed. If all components required to fully complete the kit (other
   than those specified in paragraph (a) of this section which are needed
   for compliance with the technical provisions and must be included with
   the kit) are not normally furnished with the kit, assembly shall be
   made using the recommended components. The assembled units shall be
   certified or authorized under the Declaration of Conformity procedure,
   as appropriate, pursuant to the requirements of this part.

   (1) The measurement data required for a TV interface device subject to
   certification shall be obtained for each of the two units and submitted
   with an application for certification pursuant to subpart J of part 2
   of this chapter.

   (2) The measurement data required for a TV interface device subject to
   Declaration of Conformity shall be obtained for the units tested and
   retained on file pursuant to the provisions of subpart J of part 2 of
   this chapter.

   (c) A copy of the exact instructions that will be provided for assembly
   of the device shall be submitted with an application for certification.
   Those parts which are not normally furnished shall be detailed in the
   application for equipment authorization.

   (d) In lieu of the label required by § 15.19, the following label,
   along with the label bearing the FCC identifier and other information
   specified in § § 2.925 and 2.926, shall be included in the kit with
   instructions to the builder that it shall be attached to the completed

(Name of Grantee)

(FCC Identifier)

   This device can be expected to comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules
   provided it is assembled in exact accordance with the instructions
   provided with this kit. Operation is subject to the following
   conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2)
   this device must accept any interference received including
   interference that may cause undesired operation.

   (e) For the purpose of this section, circuit boards used as repair
   parts for the replacement of electrically identical defective circuit
   boards are not considered to be kits.

   [ 54 FR 17714 , Apr. 25, 1989,as amended at  63 FR 36602 , July 7, 1998]

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