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FCC 2.926
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 2.926   FCC identifier.

   (a) A grant of equipment authorization issued by the Commission will
   list the validated FCC Identifier consisting of the grantee code
   assigned by the FCC pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section, and the
   equipment product code assigned by the grantee pursuant to paragraph
   (c) of this section. See § 2.925.

   (b) The grantee code assigned pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section
   is assigned permanently to applicants/grantees and is valid only for
   the party specified as the applicant/grantee in the code assignment(s).

   (c) A grantee code may consist of Arabic numerals, capital letters, or
   other characters. The format for this code will be specified by the
   Commission's Office of Engineering and Technology. A prospective
   grantee or its authorized representative may receive a grantee code
   electronically via the Internet at The code may
   be obtained at any time prior to submittal of the application for
   equipment authorization. However, the fee required by § 1.1103 of this
   chapter must be submitted and validated within 30 days of the issuance
   of the grantee code, or the code will be removed from the Commission's
   records and a new grantee code will have to be obtained.

   (1) After assignment of a grantee code each grantee will continue to
   use the same grantee code for subsequent equipment authorization

   In the event the grantee name is changed or ownership is transferred,
   the circumstances shall be reported to the Commission so that a new
   grantee code can be assigned, if appropriate. See § § 2.934 and 2.935
   for additional information.

   (2) [Reserved]

   (d) The equipment product code assigned by the grantee shall consist of
   a series of Arabic numerals, capital letters or a combination thereof,
   and may include the dash or hyphen (-). The total of Arabic numerals,
   capital letters and dashes or hyphens shall not exceed 14 and shall be
   one which has not been previously used in conjunction with:

   (1) The same grantee code, or

   (2) An application denied pursuant to § 2.919 of this chapter.

   (e) No FCC Identifier may be used on equipment to be marketed unless
   that specific identifier has been validated by a grant of equipment
   authorization issued by the Commission. This shall not prohibit
   placement of an FCC identifier on a transceiver which includes a
   verified receiver subject to § 15.101, provided that the transmitter
   portion of such transceiver is covered by a valid grant of type
   acceptance or certification. The FCC Identifier is uniquely assigned to
   the grantee and may not be placed on the equipment without
   authorization by the grantee. See § 2.803 for conditions applicable to
   the display at trade shows of equipment which has not been granted
   equipment authorization where such grant is required prior to
   marketing. Labelling of such equipment may include model or type
   numbers, but shall not include a purported FCC Identifier.

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Conditions Attendant to an Equipment Authorization

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