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FCC 15.27
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 15.27   Special accessories.

   (a) Equipment marketed to a consumer must be capable of complying with
   the necessary regulations in the configuration in which the equipment
   is marketed. Where special accessories, such as shielded cables and/or
   special connectors, are required to enable an unintentional or
   intentional radiator to comply with the emission limits in this part,
   the equipment must be marketed with, i.e., shipped and sold with, those
   special accessories. However, in lieu of shipping or packaging the
   special accessories with the unintentional or intentional radiator, the
   responsible party may employ other methods of ensuring that the special
   accessories are provided to the consumer, without additional charge, at
   the time of purchase. Information detailing any alternative method used
   to supply the special accessories shall be included in the application
   for a grant of equipment authorization or retained in the verification
   records, as appropriate. The party responsible for the equipment, as
   detailed in § 2.909 of this chapter, shall ensure that these special
   accessories are provided with the equipment. The instruction manual for
   such devices shall include appropriate instructions on the first page
   of the text concerned with the installation of the device that these
   special accessories must be used with the device. It is the
   responsibility of the user to use the needed special accessories
   supplied with the equipment. In cases where the manual is provided only
   in a form other than paper, such as on a computer disk or over the
   Internet, the information required by this section may be included in
   the manual in that alternative form, provided the user can reasonably
   be expected to have the capability to access information in that form.

   (b) If a device requiring special accessories is installed by or under
   the supervision of the party marketing the device, it is the
   responsibility of that party to install the equipment using the special
   accessories. For equipment requiring professional installation, it is
   not necessary for the responsible party to market the special
   accessories with the equipment. However, the need to use the special
   accessories must be detailed in the instruction manual, and it is the
   responsibility of the installer to provide and to install the required

   (c) Accessory items that can be readily obtained from multiple retail
   outlets are not considered to be special accessories and are not
   required to be marketed with the equipment. The manual included with
   the equipment must specify what additional components or accessories
   are required to be used in order to ensure compliance with this part,
   and it is the responsibility of the user to provide and use those
   components and accessories.

   (d) The resulting system, including any accessories or components
   marketed with the equipment, must comply with the regulations.

   [ 54 FR 17714 , Apr. 25, 1989, as amended at  68 FR 68545 , Dec. 9, 2003]

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