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FCC 69.605
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  69.605   Reporting and distribution of pool access revenues.

   (a) Access revenues and cost data shall be reported by participants in
   association tariffs to the association for computation of monthly pool
   revenues distributions in accordance with this subpart.

   (b) Association expenses incurred during the month that are allowable
   access charge expenses shall be reimbursed before any other funds are

   (c) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, payments to
   average schedule companies that are computed in accordance with § 69.606
   shall be disbursed before any other funds are disbursed. For purposes
   of this part, a telephone company that was participating in average
   schedule settlements on December 1, 1982, shall be deemed to be an
   average schedule company except that any company that does not join in
   association tariffs for all access elements shall not be deemed to be
   an average schedule company.

   (d) The residue shall be disbursed to telephone companies that are not
   average schedule companies in accordance with § § 69.607 through 69.610.

   (e) The association shall submit a report on or before February 1 of
   each calendar year describing the association's cost study review
   process for the preceding calendar year as well as the results of that
   process. For any revisions to cost study results made or recommended by
   the association that would change the respective carrier's calculated
   annual common line or traffic sensitive revenue requirement by ten
   percent or more, the report shall include the following information:

   (1) The name of the carrier;

   (2) A detailed description of the revisions;

   (3) The amount of the revisions;

   (4) The impact of the revisions on the carrier's calculated common line
   and traffic sensitive revenue requirements; and

   (5) The carrier's total annual common line and traffic sensitive
   revenue requirement.

   [ 48 FR 10358 , Mar. 11, 1983, as amended at  51 FR 17027 , May 8, 1986;  52 FR 21543 , June 8, 1987;  54 FR 11537 , Mar. 21, 1989;  60 FR 19530 , Apr.
   19, 1995]


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