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FCC 69.158
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  69.158   Universal service end user charges.

   To the extent the company makes contributions to the Universal Service
   Support Mechanisms pursuant to § § 54.706 and 54.709 of this chapter and
   the local exchange carrier seeks to recover some or all of the amount
   of such contribution, the local exchange carrier shall recover those
   contributions through a charge to end users other than Lifeline users.
   These contributions are not a part of any price cap baskets, and the
   charge to recover these contributions is not part of any other element
   established pursuant to part 69. Such a charge may be assessed on a
   per-line basis or as a percentage of interstate retail revenues, and at
   the option of the local exchange carrier it may be combined for billing
   purposes with other end user retail rate elements. A local exchange
   carrier opting to assess the Universal Service end-user rate element on
   a per-line basis may apply that charge using the “equivalency”
   relationships established for the multi-line business PICC for Primary
   Rate ISDN service, as per § 69.153(d), and for Centrex lines, as per
   § 69.153(e).

   [ 65 FR 38704 , June 21, 2000;  65 FR 57744 , Sept. 26, 2000]


Subpart D—Apportionment of Net Investment

   Source:  52 FR 37312 , Oct. 6, 1987, unless otherwise noted.


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