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FCC 69.1
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  69.1   Application of access charges.

   (a) This part establishes rules for access charges for interstate or
   foreign access services provided by telephone companies on or after
   January 1, 1984.

   (b) Except as provided in § 69.1(c), charges for such access service
   shall be computed, assessed, and collected and revenues from such
   charges shall be distributed as provided in this part. Access service
   tariffs shall be filed and supported as provided under part 61 of this
   chapter, except as modified herein.

   (c) The following provisions of this part shall apply to telephone
   companies subject to price cap regulation only to the extent that
   application of such provisions is necessary to develop the nationwide
   average carrier common line charge, for purposes of reporting pursuant
   to § § 43.21 and 43.22 of this chapter, and for computing initial charges
   for new rate elements: § § 69.3(f), 69.106(b), 69.106(f), 69.106(g),
   69.109(b), 69.110(d), 69.111(c), 69.111(g)(1), 69.111(g)(2),
   69.111(g)(3), 69.111(l), 69.112(d), 69.114(b), 69.114(d), 69.125(b)(2),
   69.301 through 69.310, and 69.401 through 69.412. The computation of
   rates pursuant to these provisions by telephone companies subject to
   price cap regulation shall be governed by the price cap rules set forth
   in part 61 of this chapter and other applicable Commission rules and

   (d) To the extent any provision contained in 47 CFR part 51 subparts H
   and J conflict with any provision of this part, the 47 CFR part 51
   provision supersedes the provision of this part.

   [ 48 FR 10358 , Mar. 11, 1983, as amended at  55 FR 42385 , Oct. 19, 1990;
    58 FR 41189 , Aug. 3, 1993;  62 FR 40463 , July 29, 1997;  76 FR 73882 ,
   Nov. 29, 2011]


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