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FCC 63.602
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  63.602   Additional contents of applications to discontinue, reduce, or
impair an existing retail service as part of a technology transition.

   (a) The application shall include:

   (1) The contents specified in § 63.505 of this part;

   (2) A statement identifying the application as involving a technology
   transition, as defined in § 63.60(i);

   (3) Information regarding the price of the service for which
   discontinuance authority is sought and the price of the proposed
   replacement service; and

   (4) A certification, executed by an officer or other authorized
   representative of the applicant and meeting the requirements of § 1.16
   of this chapter, that the information required by this section is true
   and accurate.

   (b) In order to be eligible for automatic grant under § 63.71(f) of this
   part, an applicant must demonstrate that a service(s) identified
   pursuant to § 63.505(k)(2) of this part is an adequate replacement for
   the voice service identified pursuant to § 63.505(k)(1) of this part by
   either certifying or showing, based on the totality of the
   circumstances, that one or more replacement service(s) satisfies all of
   the following criteria:

   (1) Offers substantially similar levels of network infrastructure and
   service quality as the service being discontinued;

   Note to paragraph (b)(1): For purposes of this section, “substantially
   similar” means that the network operates at a sufficient level such
   that it will allow the network platform to ensure adequate service
   quality for interactive and highly-interactive applications or
   services, in particular voice service quality, and support applications
   and functionalities that run on those services.

   (2)(i) Complies with regulations regarding the availability and
   functionality of 911 service for consumers and public safety answering
   points (PSAPs), specifically § § 1.7001 through .7002, 9.5, 12.4, 12.5,
   20.18, 20.3, 64.3001 of this chapter;

   (ii) Offers comparably effective protection from network security risks
   as the service being discontinued; and

   (iii) Complies with regulations governing accessibility, usability, and
   compatibility requirements for:

   (A) Telecommunications services and functionalities;

   (B) Voicemail and interactive menu functionalities; and

   (C) Advanced communications services, specifically 47 CFR 6.1 through
   6.11, 7.1 through 7.11, 14.1 through 14.21, 14.60 through 14.61; and

   (3) Offers interoperability with key applications and functionalities.

   [ 81 FR 62656 , Sept. 12, 2016, as amended at  85 FR 84266 , Dec. 28, 2020]


Request for Designation as a Recognized Private Operating Agency


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