Table of Parts


   Extensions and Supplements
   § 63.01   Authority for all domestic common carriers.
   § 63.02   Exemptions for extensions of lines and for systems for the
   delivery of video programming.
   § 63.03   Streamlining procedures for domestic transfer of control
   § 63.04   Filing procedures for domestic transfer of control
   § 63.09   Definitions applicable to international Section 214
   § 63.10   Regulatory classification of U.S. international carriers.
   § 63.11   Notification by and prior approval for U.S. international
   carriers that are or propose to become affiliated with a foreign
   § 63.12   Processing of international Section 214 applications.
   § 63.13   Procedures for modifying regulatory classification of U.S.
   international carriers from dominant to non-dominant.
   § 63.14   Prohibition on agreeing to accept special concessions.
   § 63.17   Special provisions for U.S. international common carriers.
   § 63.18   Contents of applications for international common carriers.
   § 63.19   Special procedures for discontinuances of international
   § 63.20   Electronic filing, copies required; fees; and filing periods
   for international service providers.
   § 63.21   Conditions applicable to all international Section 214
   § 63.22   Facilities-based international common carriers.
   § 63.23   Resale-based international common carriers.
   § 63.24   Assignments and transfers of control.
   § 63.25   Special provisions relating to temporary or emergency service
   by international carriers.

   General Provisions Relating to All Applications Under Section 214
   § 63.50   Amendment of applications.
   § 63.51   Additional information.
   § 63.52   Copies required; fees; and filing periods for domestic
   § 63.53   Form.

   Discontinuance, Reduction, Outage and Impairment
   § 63.60   Definitions.
   § 63.61   Applicability.
   § 63.62   Type of discontinuance, reduction, or impairment of telephone
   service requiring formal application.
   § 63.63   Emergency discontinuance, reduction, or impairment of service.
   § 63.65   Closure of public toll station where another toll station of
   applicant in the community will continue service.
   § 63.66   Closure of or reduction of hours of service at telephone
   exchanges at military establishments.
   § 63.71   Procedures for discontinuance, reduction or impairment of
   service by domestic carriers.
   § 63.90   Publication and posting of notices.
   § 63.100   Notification of service outage.

   Contents of Applications; Examples
   § 63.500   Contents of applications to dismantle or remove a trunk line.
   § 63.501   Contents of applications to sever physical connection or to
   terminate or suspend interchange of traffic with another carrier.
   § 63.504   Contents of applications to close a public toll station where
   no other such toll station of the applicant in the community will
   continue service and where telephone toll service is not otherwise
   available to the public through a telephone exchange connected with the
   toll lines of a carrier.
   § 63.505   Contents of applications for any type of discontinuance,
   reduction, or impairment of telephone service not specifically provided
   for in this part.
   § 63.601   Contents of applications for authority to reduce the hours of
   service of public coast stations under the conditions specified in
   § 63.70.
   § 63.602   Additional contents of applications to discontinue, reduce,
   or impair an existing retail service as part of a technology

   Request for Designation as a Recognized Private Operating Agency
   § 63.701   Contents of application.
   § 63.702   Form.