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FCC 90.675
Revised as of September 29, 2014
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§ 90.675   Information exchange.

   (a) Prior coordination. Public safety/CII licensees may notify an ESMR
   or part 22 Cellular Radiotelephone licensee that they wish to receive
   prior notification of the activation or modification of ESMR or part 22
   Cellular Radiotelephone cell sites in their area. Thereafter, the ESMR
   or part 22 Cellular Radiotelephone licensee must provide the following
   information to the public safety/CII licensee at least 10 business days
   before a new cell site is activated or an existing cell site is

   (1) Location;

   (2) Effective radiated power;

   (3) Antenna height;

   (4) Channels available for use.

   (b) Purpose of prior coordination. The coordination of cell sites is
   for informational purposes only: public safety/CII licensees are not
   afforded the right to accept or reject the activation of a proposed
   cell or to unilaterally require changes in its operating parameters.
   The principal purposes of notification are to:

   (1) Allow a public safety/CII licensee to advise the ESMR or part 22
   Cellular Radiotelephone licensee whether it believes a proposed cell
   will generate unacceptable interference;

   (2) Permit ESMR or part 22 Cellular Radiotelephone licensees to make
   voluntary changes in cell parameters when a public safety licensee
   alerts them to possible interference; and

   (3) Rapidly identify the source if interference is encountered when the
   cell is activated.

   (c) Public safety information exchange. (1) Upon request by an ESMR or
   part 22 Cellular Radiotelephone licensee, public safety/CII licensees
   who operate radio systems in the 806-824/851-869 MHz shall provide the
   operating parameters of their radio system to the ESMR or part 22
   Cellular Radiotelephone licensee.

   (2) Public safety licensees who perform the information exchange as
   described in this section must notify the appropriate ESMR and part 22
   Cellular Radiotelephone licensees prior to any technical changes to
   their radio system.

   Effective Date Note: At  69 FR 67849 , Nov. 22, 2004, § 90.675 was added.
   This section contains information collection and recordkeeping
   requirements and will not become effective until approval has been
   given by the Office of Management and Budget.

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