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FCC 76.806
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 76.806   Pre-termination access to cable home wiring.

   (a) Prior to termination of service, a customer may: install or provide
   for the installation of their own cable home wiring; or connect
   additional home wiring, splitters or other equipment within their
   premises to the wiring owned by the cable operator, so long as no
   electronic or physical harm is caused to the cable system and the
   physical integrity of the cable operator's wiring remains intact.

   (b) Cable operators may require that home wiring (including passive
   splitters, connectors and other equipment used in the installation of
   home wiring) meets reasonable technical specifications, not to exceed
   the technical specifications of such equipment installed by the cable
   operator; provided however, that if electronic or physical harm is
   caused to the cable system, the cable operator may impose additional
   technical specifications to eliminate such harm. To the extent a
   customer's installations or rearrangements of wiring degrade the signal
   quality of or interfere with other customers' signals, or cause
   electronic or physical harm to the cable system, the cable operator may
   discontinue service to that subscriber until the degradation or
   interference is resolved.

   (c) Customers shall not physically cut, substantially alter, improperly
   terminate or otherwise destroy cable operator-owned home wiring.

   (d) Section 76.806 shall apply to all MVPDs.

   [ 62 FR 61034 , Nov. 14, 1997, as amended at  68 FR 13855 , Mar. 21, 2003]

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Subpart N--Cable Rate Regulation

   Source:  58 FR 29753 , May 21, 1993, unless otherwise noted.

   Effective Date Note: The effective date of the amendments to part 76,
   published at  58 FR 29737  (May 21, 1993), extended to October 1, 1993,
   by an order published at  58 FR 33560  (June 18, 1993), and moved to
   September 1, 1993, by an order published at  58 FR 41042  (August 2,
   1993), is temporarily stayed for those cable systems that have 1,000 or
   fewer subscribers. This limited, temporary stay is effective September
   1, 1993, and will remain in effect until the Commission terminates the
   stay and establishes a new effective date in an order on
   reconsideration addressing the administrative burdens and costs of
   compliance for small cable systems. The Commission will publish in the
   Federal Register the new effective date of the rules with respect to
   small cable systems at that time.

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