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FCC 76.614
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 76.614   Cable television system regular monitoring.

   Cable television operators transmitting carriers in the frequency bands
   108-137 and 225-400 MHz shall provide for a program of regular
   monitoring for signal leakage by substantially covering the plant every
   three months. The incorporation of this monitoring program into the
   daily activities of existing service personnel in the discharge of
   their normal duties will generally cover all portions of the system and
   will therefore meet this requirement. Monitoring equipment and
   procedures utilized by a cable operator shall be adequate to detect a
   leakage source which produces a field strength in these bands of 20
   uV/m or greater at a distance of 3 meters. During regular monitoring,
   any leakage source which produces a field strength of 20 uV/m or
   greater at a distance of 3 meters in the aeronautical radio frequency
   bands shall be noted and such leakage sources shall be repaired within
   a reasonable period of time.

   Note 1 to § 76.614: Section 76.1706 contains signal leakage
   recordkeeping requirements applicable to cable operators.

   [ 65 FR 53616 , Sept. 5, 2000]

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