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FCC 74.780
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 74.780   Broadcast regulations applicable to translators, low power, and
booster stations.

   The following rules are applicable to TV translator, low power TV, and
   TV booster stations:

   Part 5--Experimental authorizations.

   Section 73.653--Operation of TV aural and visual transmitters.

   Section 73.658--Affiliation agreements and network program practices;
   territorial exclusivity in non-network program arrangements.

   Part 73, Subpart G--Emergency Broadcast System (for low power TV
   stations locally originating programming as defined by § 74.701(h)).

   Section 73.1201--Station identification (for low power TV stations
   locally originating programming as defined by § 74.701(h)).

   Section 73.1206--Broadcast of telephone conversations.

   Section 73.1207--Rebroadcasts.

   Section 73.1208--Broadcast of taped, filmed or recorded material.

   Section 73.1211--Broadcast of lottery information.

   Section 73.1212--Sponsorship identifications; list retention, related

   Section 73.1216--Licensee conducted contests.

   Section 73.1515--Special field test authorizations.

   Section 73.1615--Operation during modifications of facilities.

   Section 73.1635--Special temporary authorizations (STA).

   Section 73.1650--International broadcasting agreements.

   Section 73.1680--Emergency antennas.

   Section 73.1692--Construction near or installations on an AM broadcast

   Section 73.1940--Broadcasts by candidates for public office.

   Section 73.2080--Equal employment opportunities (for low power TV
   stations only).

   Section 73.3500--Application and report forms.

   Section 73.3511--Applications required.

   Section 73.3512--Where to file; number of copies.

   Section 73.3513--Signing of applications.

   Section 73.3514--Content of applications.

   Section 73.3516--Specification of facilities.

   Section 73.3517--Contingent applications.

   Section 73.3518--Inconsistent or conflicting applications.

   Section 73.3519--Repetitious applications.

   Section 73.3521--Mutually exclusive applications for low power TV and
   TV translator stations.

   Section 73.3522--Amendment of applications.

   Section 73.3525--Agreements for removing application conflicts.

   Section 73.3533--Application for construction permit or modification of
   construction permit.

   Section 73.3534--Application for extension of construction permit or
   for construction permit to replace expired construction permit.

   Section 73.3536--Application for license to cover construction permit.

   Section 73.3538 (a)(1)(3)(4), (b)(2)--Application to make changes in
   existing station.

   Section 73.3539--Application for renewal of license.

   Section 73.3540--Application for voluntary assignment of transfer of

   Section 73.3541--Application for involuntary assignment or transfer of

   Section 73.3542--Application for emergency authorization.

   Section 73.3544--Application to obtain a modified station license.

   Section 73.3545--Application for permit to deliver programs to foreign

   Section 73.3550--Requests for new or modified call sign assignments.

   Section 73.3561--Staff consideration of applications requiring
   Commission action.

   Section 73.3562--Staff consideration of applications not requiring
   action by the Commission.

   Section 73.3564--Acceptance of applications.

   Section 73.3566--Defective applications.

   Section 73.3568--Dismissal of applications.

   Section 73.3572--Processing of TV broadcast, low power TV, and TV
   translator station applications.

   Section 73.3580--Local public notice of filing of broadcast

   Section 73.3584--Petitions to deny.

   Section 73.3587--Informal objections.

   Section 73.3591--Grants without hearing.

   Section 73.3593--Designation for hearing.

   Section 73.3594--Local public notice of designation for hearing.

   Section 73.3597--Procedures on transfer and assignment applications.

   Section 73.3598--Period of construction.

   Section 73.3599--Forfeiture of construction permit.

   Section 73.3601--Simultaneous modification and renewal of license.

   Section 73.3603--Special waiver procedure relative to applications.

   Section 73.3612--Annual employment report (for low power TV stations

   Section 73.3613--Filing of contracts (network affiliation contracts for
   low power TV stations only).

   [ 52 FR 7423 , Mar. 11, 1987, as amended at  52 FR 25867 , July 9, 1987;  52 FR 31405 , Aug. 20, 1987;  56 FR 28099 , June 19, 1991;  59 FR 31557 , June
   20, 1994;  62 FR 51063 , Sept. 30, 1997;  78 FR 25175 , Apr. 29, 2013]

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