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FCC 73.3538
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 73.3538   Application to make changes in an existing station.

   Where prior authority is required from the FCC to make changes in an
   existing station, the following procedures shall be used to request
   that authority:

   (a) An application for construction permit using the forms listed in
   § 73.3533 must be filed for authority to:

   (1) Make any of the changes listed in § 73.1690(b).

   (2) Change the hours of operation of an AM station, where the hours of
   operation are specified on the license or permit.

   (3) Install a transmitter which has not been approved (type accepted)
   by the FCC for use by licensed broadcast stations.

   (4) Any change in the location, height, or directional radiating
   characteristics of the antenna or antenna system.

   (b) An informal application filed in accordance with § 73.3511 is to be
   used to obtain authority to make the following changes in the station

   (1) To modify or discontinue the obstruction marking or lighting of the
   antenna supporting structure where that specified on the station
   authorization either differs from that specified in 47 CFR 17, or is
   not appropriate for other reasons.

   (2) Relocation of a main studio outside the principal community contour
   may require the filing and approval of a letter request for authority
   to make this change prior to implementation. See § 73.1125.

   [ 44 FR 38495 , July 2, 1979, as amended at  44 FR 69935 , Dec. 5, 1979;  49 FR 4000 , Feb. 1, 1984;  52 FR 21685 , June 9, 1987;  62 FR 51063 , Sept.
   30, 1997;  66 FR 20758 , Apr. 25, 2001]

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