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FCC 73.3533
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 73.3533   Application for construction permit or modification of
construction permit.

   (a) Application for construction permit, or modification of a
   construction permit, for a new facility or change in an existing
   facility is to be made on the following forms:

   (1) FCC Form 301, "Application for Authority to Construct or Make
   Changes in an Existing Commercial Broadcast Station."

   (2) FCC Form 309, "Application for Authority to Construct or Make
   Changes in an Existing International or Experimental Broadcast

   (3) [Reserved]

   (4) FCC Form 340, "Application for Authority to Construct or Make
   Changes in a Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Station."

   (5) FCC Form 346, "Application for Authority to Construct or Make
   Changes in a Low Power TV, TV Translator or TV Booster Station."

   (6) FCC Form 349, "Application for Authority to Construct or Make
   Changes in an FM Translator or FM Booster Station."

   (7) FCC Form 318, "Application for Construction Permit for a Low Power
   FM Broadcast Station."

   (b) The filing of an application for modification of construction
   permit does not extend the expiration date of the construction permit.
   Extension of the expiration date must be applied for on FCC Form 307,
   in accordance with the provisions of § 73.3534.

   (c) In each application referred to in paragraph (a) of this section,
   the applicant will provide the Antenna Structure Registration Number
   (FCC Form 854R) of the antenna structure upon which it will locate its
   proposed antenna. In the event the antenna structure does not already
   have a Registration Number, either the antenna structure owner shall
   file FCC Form 854 ("Application for Antenna Structure Registration") in
   accordance with part 17 of this chapter or the applicant shall provide
   a detailed explanation why registration and clearance of the antenna
   structure is not necessary.

   [ 44 FR 38494 , July 2, 1979, as amended at  47 FR 28388 , June 30, 1982;
    49 FR 32582 , Aug. 15, 1984;  50 FR 40016 , Oct. 1, 1985;  53 FR 36788 ,
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