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FCC 73.1840
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 73.1840   Retention of logs.

   (a) Any log required to be kept by station licensees shall be retained
   by them for a period of 2 years. However, logs involving communications
   incident to a disaster or which include communications incident to or
   involved in an investigation by the FCC and about which the licensee
   has been notified, shall be retained by the licensee until specifically
   authorized in writing by the FCC to destroy them. Logs incident to or
   involved in any claim or complaint of which the licensee has notice
   shall be retained by the licensee until such claim or complaint has
   been fully satisfied or until the same has been barred by statute
   limiting the time for filing of suits upon such claims.

   (b) Logs may be retained on microfilm, microfiche or other data-storage
   systems subject to the following conditions:

   (1) Suitable viewing--reading devices shall be available to permit FCC
   inspection of logs pursuant to § 73.1226, availability to FCC of
   station logs and records.

   (2) Reproduction of logs, stored on data-storage systems, to full-size
   copies, is required of licensees if requested by the FCC or the public
   as authorized by FCC rules. Such reproductions must be completed within
   2 full work days of the time of the request.

   (3) Corrections to logs shall be made:

   (i) Prior to converting to a data-storage system pursuant to the
   requirements of § 73.1800 (c) and (d), (§ 73.1800, General requirements
   relating to logs).

   (ii) After converting to a data-storage system, by separately making
   such corrections and then associating with the related data-stored
   logs. Such corrections shall contain sufficient information to allow
   those reviewing the logs to identify where corrections have been made,
   and when and by whom the corrections were made.

   (4) Copies of any log required to be filed with any application; or
   placed in the station's local public inspection file as part of an
   application; or filed with reports to the FCC must be reproduced in
   fullsize form when complying with these requirements.

   [ 45 FR 41151 , June 18, 1980, as amended at  46 FR 13907 , Feb. 24, 1981;
    46 FR 18557 , Mar. 25, 1981;  49 FR 33663 , Aug. 24, 1984]

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