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FCC 42.11
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 42.11   Retention of information concerning detariffed interexchange

   (a) A nondominant IXC shall maintain, for submission to the Commission
   and to state regulatory commissions upon request, price and service
   information regarding all of the carrier's international and
   interstate, domestic, interexchange service offerings. A commercial
   mobile radio service (CMRS) provider shall maintain such price and
   service information only about its international common carrier service
   offerings and only for those routes on which the CMRS provider is
   classified as dominant under § 63.10 of this Chapter due to an
   affiliation with a foreign carrier that collects settlement payments
   from U.S. carriers for terminating U.S. international switched traffic
   at the foreign end of the route. Such a CMRS provider is not required
   to maintain its price and service information, however, on any such
   affiliated route if it provides service on that route solely through
   the resale of an unaffiliated facilities-based provider's international
   switched services. The price and service information maintained for
   purposes of this paragraph shall include documents supporting the
   rates, terms, and conditions of the carrier's international and
   interstate, domestic, interexchange offerings. The information
   maintained pursuant to this section shall be maintained in a manner
   that allows the carrier to produce such records within ten business
   days. For purposes of this paragraph, affiliated and foreign carrier
   are defined in § 63.09 of this chapter.

   (b) The price and service information maintained pursuant to this
   section shall be retained for a period of at least two years and six
   months following the date the carrier ceases to provide services
   pursuant to such rates, terms and conditions.

   [ 61 FR 59366 , Nov. 22, 1996, as amended at  62 FR 59604 , Nov. 4, 1997;
    64 FR 19725 , Apr. 22, 1999;  66 FR 16879 , Mar. 28, 2001]

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