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FCC 15.102
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 15.102   CPU boards and power supplies used in personal computers.

   (a) Authorized CPU boards and power supplies that are sold as separate
   components shall be supplied with complete installation instructions.
   These instructions shall specify all of the installation procedures
   that must be followed to ensure compliance with the standards,
   including, if necessary, the type of enclosure, e.g., a metal
   enclosure, proper grounding techniques, the use of shielded cables, the
   addition of any needed components, and any necessary modifications to
   additional components.

   (1) Any additional parts needed to ensure compliance with the
   standards, except for the enclosure, are considered to be special
   accessories and, in accordance with § 15.27, must be marketed with the
   CPU board or power supply.

   (2) Any modifications that must be made to a personal computer,
   peripheral device, CPU board or power supply during installation of a
   CPU board or power supply must be simple enough that they can be
   performed by the average consumer. Parts requiring soldering,
   disassembly of circuitry or other similar modifications are not

   (b) Assemblers of personal computer systems employing modular CPU
   boards and/or power supplies are not required to test the resulting
   system provided the following conditions are met:

   (1) Each device used in the system has been authorized as required
   under this part (according to § 15.101(e), some subassemblies used in a
   personal computer system may not require an authorization);

   (2) The original label and identification on each piece of equipment
   remain unchanged;

   (3) Each responsible party's instructions to ensure compliance
   (including, if necessary, the use of shielded cables or other
   accessories or modifications) are followed when the system is

   (4) If the system is marketed, the resulting equipment combination is
   authorized under a Declaration of Conformity pursuant to § 15.101(c)(4)
   and a compliance information statement, as described in § 2.1077(b), is
   supplied with the system. Marketed systems shall also comply with the
   labelling requirements in § 15.19 and must be supplied with the
   information required under § § 15.21, 15.27 and 15.105; and

   (5) The assembler of a personal computer system may be required to test
   the system and/or make necessary modifications if a system is found to
   cause harmful interference or to be noncompliant with the appropriate
   standards in the configuration in which it is marketed (see § § 2.909,
   15.1, 15.27(d) and 15.101(e)).

   [ 61 FR 31050 , June 19, 1996]

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