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FCC 1.1159
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.1159   Filing locations and receipts for regulatory fees.

   (a) Regulatory fee payments must be directed to the location and
   address set forth in § § 1.1152 through 1.1156 for the specific
   category of fee involved. Any regulatory fee required to be submitted
   with an application must be filed as a part of the application package
   accompanying the application. The Commission will not take
   responsibility for matching fees, forms and applications submitted at
   different times or locations.

   (b) Petitions for reconsideration or applications for review of fee
   decisions submitted with a standard regulatory fee payment pursuant to
   § § 1.1152 through 1.1156 of the rules are to be filed with the
   Commission's lockbox bank in the manner set forth in § § 1.1152 through
   1.1156 for payment of the fee subject to the petition for
   reconsideration or the application for review. Petitions for
   reconsideration and applications for review that are submitted with no
   accompanying payment should be filed with the Secretary, Federal
   Communications Commission, Attention: Managing Director, Washington,
   D.C. 20554.

   (c) Any request for exemption from a regulatory fee shall be filed with
   the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, Attention: Managing
   Director, Washington, D.C. 20554, except that requests for exemption
   accompanied by a tentative fee payment shall be filed at the lockbox
   set forth for the appropriate service in § § 1.1152 through 1.1156.

   (d) The Commission will furnish a receipt for a regulatory fee payment
   only upon request. In order to obtain a receipt for a regulatory fee
   payment, the package must include an extra copy of the Form FCC 159 or,
   if a Form 159 is not required with the payment, a copy of the first
   page of the application or other filing submitted with the regulatory
   fee payment, submitted expressly for the purpose of serving as a
   receipt for the regulatory fee payment and application fee payment, if
   required. The document should be clearly marked "copy" and should be
   the top document in the package. The copy will be date stamped
   immediately and provided to the bearer of the submission, if hand
   delivered. For submissions by mail, the receipt copy will be provided
   through return mail if the filer has attached to the receipt copy a
   stamped self-addressed envelope of sufficient size to contain the
   receipt document.

   (e) The Managing Director may issue annually, at his discretion, a
   Public Notice setting forth the names of all commercial regulatees that
   have paid a regulatory fee and shall publish the Public Notice in the
   Federal Register.

   [ 60 FR 34032 , June 29, 1995, as amended at  62 FR 59825 , Nov. 5, 1997]

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