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FCC 1.1158
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.1158   Form of payment for regulatory fees.

   Any regulatory fee payment must be submitted in the form of a check,
   bank draft or money order denominated in U.S. dollars and drawn on a
   United States financial institution and made payable to the Federal
   Communications Commission or by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or
   Discover credit cards only. The Commission discourages applicants from
   submitting cash payments and will not be responsible for cash sent
   through the mail. Personal or corporate checks dated more than six
   months prior to their submission to the Commission's lockbox bank and
   postdated checks will not be accepted and will be returned as

   (a) Upon authorization from the Commission following a written request,
   electronic fund transfer (EFT) payment of a regulatory fee may be made
   as follows:

   (1)(i) The payor may instruct its bank to make payment of the
   regulatory fee directly to the Commission's lockbox bank, or

   (ii) The payor may authorize the Commission to direct its lockbox bank
   to withdraw funds directly from the payor's bank account.

   (2) No EFT payment of a regulatory fee will be accepted unless the
   payor has obtained the written authorization of the Commission to
   submit regulatory fees electronically. Procedures for electronic
   payment of regulatory fees will be announced by Public Notice. It is
   the responsibility of the payor to insure that any electronic payment
   is made in the manner required by the Commission. Failure to comply
   with the Commission's procedures for electronic fee payment will result
   in the return of the fee payment, and a penalty fee of 25 percent if
   the subsequent refiling of the fee payment is late. Failure to comply
   will also subject the payor to the penalties set forth in § 1.1164.

   (b) Multiple payment instruments for a single regulatory fee are not
   permitted, except that the Commission will accept multiple money orders
   in payment of any fee where the fee exceeds the maximum amount for a
   money order established by the issuing entity and the use of multiple
   money orders is the only practicable means available for payment.

   (c) Payment of multiple standard regulatory fees (including an
   installment payment) due on the same date, may be made with a single
   payment instrument and cover mass media, common carrier, international,
   and cable service fee payments. Each regulatee is solely responsible
   for accurately accounting for and listing each license or authorization
   and the number of subscribers, access lines, or other relevant units on
   the accompanying FCC Form 159 and, if needed, FCC Form 159C and for
   making full payment for every regulatory fee listed on the accompanying
   form. Any omission or payment deficiency of a regulatory fee will
   result in a 25 percent penalty of the amount due and unpaid.

   (d) Any regulatory fee payment (including a regulatory fee payment
   submitted with an application in the wireless radio service) made by
   credit card or money order must be submitted with a completed FCC Form
   159. Failure to accurately enter the credit card number and date of
   expiration and the payor's signature in the appropriate blocks on FCC
   Form 159 will result in rejection of the credit card payment.

   [ 60 FR 34031 , June 29, 1995, as amended at  67 FR 46306 , July 12, 2002]

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