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FCC 87.89
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  87.89   Minimum operator requirements.

   (a) A station operator must hold a commercial radio operator license or
   permit, except as listed in paragraph (d).

   (b) The minimum operator license or permit required for operation of
   each specific classification is:

Minimum Operator License or Permit

Land stations, all classes

     * —All frequencies except VHF telephony transmitters providing
       domestic serviceRP

Aircraft stations, all classes

     * —Frequencies below 30 MHz allocated exclusively to aeronautical
       mobile servicesRP
     * —Frequencies below 30 MHz not allocated exclusively to aeronautical
       mobile servicesMP or higher
     * —Frequencies above 30 MHz not allocated exclusively to aeronautical
       mobile services and assigned for international useMP or higher
     * —Frequencies above 30 MHz not assigned for international usenone
     * —Frequencies not used solely for telephone or exceeding 250 watts
       carrier power or 1000 watts peak envelope powerG or higher

   (c) The operator of a telephony station must directly supervise and be
   responsible for any other person who transmits from the station, and
   must ensure that such communications are in accordance with the station

   (d) No operator license is required to:

   (1) Operate an aircraft radar set, radio altimeter, transponder or
   other aircraft automatic radionavigation transmitter by flight

   (2) Test an emergency locator transmitter or a survival craft station
   used solely for survival purposes;

   (3) Operate an aeronautical enroute station which automatically
   transmits digital communications to aircraft stations;

   (4) Operate a VHF telephony transmitter providing domestic service or
   used on domestic flights.


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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