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FCC 87.481
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  87.481   Unattended operation of domestic radiobeacon stations.

   (a) Radiobeacons may be licensed for unattended operation. An applicant
   must comply with the following:

   (1) The transmitter is crystal controlled and specifically designed for
   radiobeacon service and capable of transmitting by self-actuating

   (2) The emissions of the transmitter must be continuously monitored by
   a licensed operator, or by a direct positive automatic monitor,
   supplemented by aural monitoring at suitable intervals;

   (3) If as a result of aural monitoring it is determined that a
   deviation from the terms of the station license has occurred, the
   transmitters must be disabled immediately by a properly authorized
   person. If automatic monitoring is used, the monitor must insure that
   the operation of the transmitter meets the license terms or is

   (4) A properly authorized person must be able to reach the transmitter
   and disable it in a reasonable amount of time, so as not to adversely
   affect life or property in the air;

   (5) The equipment must be inspected at least every 180 days. Results of
   inspections must be kept in the station maintenance records;

   (6) The transmitter is not operable by or accessible to, other than
   authorized persons;

   (7) The transmitter is in a remote location.

   (b) Authority for unattended operation must be expressly stated in the
   station license.

   [ 53 FR 28940 , Aug. 1, 1988, as amended at  63 FR 68958 , Dec. 14, 1998]


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