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FCC 87.143
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  87.143   Transmitter control requirements.

   (a) Each transmitter must be installed so that it is not accessible to,
   or capable of being operated by persons other than those authorized by
   the licensee.

   (b) Each station must be provided with a control point at the location
   of the transmitting equipment, unless otherwise specifically
   authorized. Except for aeronautical enroute stations governed by
   paragraph (e) of this section, a control point is the location at which
   the radio operator is stationed. It is the position at which the
   transmitter(s) can immediately be turned off.

   (c) Applicants for additional control points at aeronautical advisory
   (unicom) stations must specify the location of each proposed control

   (d) Except for aeronautical enroute stations governed by paragraph (f)
   of this section, the control point must have the following facilities

   (1) A device that indicates when the transmitter is radiating or when
   the transmitter control circuits have been switched on. This
   requirement does not apply to aircraft stations;

   (2) Aurally monitoring of all transmissions originating at dispatch

   (3) A way to disconnect dispatch points from the transmitter; and

   (4) A way to turn off the transmitter.

   (e) A dispatch point is an operating position subordinate to the
   control point. Dispatch points may be installed without authorization
   from the Commission, and dispatch point operators are not required to
   be licensed.

   (f) In the aeronautical enroute service, the control point for an
   automatically controlled enroute station is the computer facility which
   controls the transmitter. Any computer controlled transmitter must be
   equipped to automatically shut down after 3 minutes of continuous
   transmission of an unmodulated carrier.


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