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FCC 87.131
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  87.131   Power and emissions.

   The following table lists authorized emissions and maximum power. Power
   must be determined by direct measurement.
   Class of station Frequency band/frequency Authorized emission(s)^9
   Maximum power^1
   Aeronautical advisory VHF A3E 10 watts.^10
   Aeronautical multicom VHF A3E 10 watts.
   Aeronautical enroute and aeronautical fixed HF R3E, H3E, J3E, J7B, H2B,
   J2D 6 kw.
       HF A1A, F1B, J2A, J2B 1.5 kw.
       VHF A3E, A9W G1D, A2D
   Aeronautical search and rescue VHF
   HF A3E
   R3E, H3E, J3E 10 watts.
   100 watts.
   Operational fixed VHF G3E, F2D 30 watts.
   Flight test land VHF A3E 200 watts.
       UHF F2D, F9D, F7D 25 watts.^3
       HF H2B, J3E, J7D, J9W 6.0 kw.
   Aviation support VHF A3E 50 watts.
   Airport control tower VHF A3E, G1D, G7D 50 watts.
       Below 400 kHz A3E 15 watts.
   Aeronautical utility mobile VHF A3E 10 watts.
       1090 MHz M1D 20 watts.
   Aircraft data link land test 131.450 MHz, 131.550 MHz, 131.725 MHz,
   131.825 MHz, 136.850 MHz A2D 100 microwatts.
       136.900 MHz, 136.925 MHz, 136.950 MHz, 136.975 MHz G1D 100
   Radionavigation land test 108.150 MHz A9W 1 milliwatt.
       334.550 MHz A1N 1 milliwatt.
       Other VHF M1A, XXA, A1A, A1N, A2A, A2D, A9W 1 watt.
       Other UHF M1A, XXA, A1A, A1N, A2A, A2D, A9W 1 watt.
       5031.0 MHz F7D 1 watt.
   Radionavigation land Various^4 Various^4 Various.^4
       Aeronautical Frequencies
   Aircraft (Communication) UHF F2D, F9D, F7D 25 watts.
       VHF A3E, A9W, G1D, G7D, A2D 55 watts.
       HF R3E, H3E, J3E, J7B, H2B, J7D, J9W 400 watts.
       HF A1A, F1B, J2A, J2B 100 watts.
       Marine Frequencies^5
       156.300 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.375 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.400 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.425 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.450 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.625 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.800 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       156.900 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       157.425 MHz G3E 5 watts.
       HF^6 R3E, H3E, J3E, J2B, F1B, A3E 1000 watts.
   250 watts.
       MF^6 R3E, H3E, J3E, J2B, F1B 1000 watts.
       HF^6 A3E 250 watts.
   (Radionavigation) Various^7 Various^7 Various.^7
   Aircraft earth UHF G1D, G1E, G1W 60 watts.^8
   Differential GPS VHF G7D Various.^2

   ^1The power is measured at the transmitter output terminals and the
   type of power is determined according to the emission designator as

   (i) Mean power (pY) for amplitude modulated emissions and transmitting
   both sidebands using unmodulated full carrier.

   (ii) Peak envelope power (pX) for all emission designators other than
   those referred to in paragraph (i) of this note.

   ^2Power and antenna height are restricted to the minimum necessary to
   achieve the required service.

   ^3Transmitter power may be increased to overcome line and duplexer
   losses but must not exceed 25 watts delivered to the antenna.

   ^4Frequency, emission, and maximum power will be determined after
   coordination with appropriate Government agencies.

   ^5To be used with airborne marine equipment certificated for part 80
   (ship) and used in accordance with part 87.

   ^6Applicable onIy to marine frequencies used for public correspondence.

   ^7Frequency, emission, and maximum power will be determined by
   appropriate standards during the certification process.

   ^8Power may not exceed 60 watts per carrier, as measured at the input
   of the antenna subsystem, including any installed diplexer. The maximum
   EIRP may not exceed 2000 watts per carrier.

   ^9Excludes automatic link establishment.

   ^10Power is limited to 0.5 watt, but may not exceed 2 watts when
   station is used in an automatic unattended mode.

   [ 54 FR 11720 , Mar. 22, 1989, as amended at  57 FR 45749 , Oct. 5, 1992;
    62 FR 40308 , July 28, 1997;  63 FR 36607 , July 7, 1998;  64 FR 27474 , May
   20, 1999;  66 FR 26798 , May 15, 2001;  69 FR 32880 , June 14, 2004;  78 FR 61205 , Oct. 3, 2013]


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