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FCC 80.858
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  80.858   Radiotelephone receiver.

   (a) The receiver required by § 80.854(a) of this part must be capable of
   reception of H3E and J3E emissions on the radiotelephone distress
   frequency. The receiver must be capable of reception of J3E emissions
   on 2638 kHz and the receiving frequencies associated with the
   transmitting frequencies authorized pursuant to § 80.855(a).

   (b) One or more loudspeakers capable of being used to maintain the
   distress frequency (2182 kHz) watch at the principal operating position
   and at any other place where the listening watch is performed must be

   (c) The receiver required by paragraph (a) of the section must:

   (1) Have a sensitivity of 50 microvolts;

   (2) Be capable of operation when energized by the main source of
   energy, and by the reserve source of energy if a reserve source is
   required by § 80.860(a);

   (3) Be protected from excessive currents and voltages;

   (4) Be provided with a nameplate showing the name of the receiver
   manufacturer and the type or model.

   (d) The sensitivity of a receiver is the strength in microvolts of a
   signal, modulated 30 percent at 400 cycles per second, required at the
   receiver input to produce an audio output of 50 milliwatts to the
   loudspeaker with a signal-to-noise ratio of at least 6 decibels.
   Evidence of a manufacturer's rating or a demonstration of the
   sensitivity of a required receiver computed on this basis must be
   furnished upon request of a Commission representative.

   [ 51 FR 31213 , Sept. 2, 1986, as amended at  73 FR 4487 , Jan. 25, 2008]


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