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FCC 80.271
Revised as of September 1, 2021
Goto Year:2020 | 2022
  §  80.271   Technical requirements for portable survival craft radiotelephone

   (a) Portable survival craft radiotelephone transceivers must comply
   with the following:

   (1) The transceivers must receive and transmit either on 457.525 MHz or
   on 156.800 MHz;

   (2) The receiver must comply with the requirements in part 15, subpart
   B of this chapter and must have a sensitivity of not more than 2

   (3) The effective radiated power of the transmitter must be at least
   0.1 watt;

   (4) The transceivers must be battery powered and operate for at least
   four hours with a transmit to receive ratio of 1:9 with no significant
   adverse effect upon the performance of the device;

   (5) The transceivers must have a permanently attached waterproof label
   with the statement “Complies with the FCC requirements for survival
   craft two-way radiotelephone equipment”; and

   (6) The antenna must be permanently attached to the device or its
   removal must require the use of a special tool.

   (b) Portable radiotelephone transceivers that are already certificated
   may be used to satisfy the survival craft radiotelephone requirement
   until October 1, 1993, provided the device meets the technical
   requirements in paragraphs (a) (1) through (3) of this section.

   (c) Survival craft radiotelephone equipment installed after October 1,
   1988, must be certificated to meet the requirements of this section.

   (d) After October 1, 1993, all portable radiotelephone transceivers
   that are used to satisfy the survival craft radiotelephone requirement
   must have been certificated to meet the requirements of this section.

   (e) Portable radiotelephone transceivers which are certified to meet
   the requirements of this section must be identified by an appropriate
   note in the Commission's database.

   [ 51 FR 31213 , Sept. 2, 1986, as amended at  63 FR 36607 , July 7, 1998;
    73 FR 4483 , Jan. 25, 2008;  76 FR 67612 , Nov. 2, 2011]


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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