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FCC 80.123
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  80.123   Service to stations on land.

   Marine VHF public coast stations, including AMTS coast stations, may
   provide service to stations on land in accordance with the following:

   (a) The public coast station licensee must provide each associated land
   station with a letter, which shall be presented to authorized FCC
   representatives upon request, acknowledging that the land station may
   operate under the authority of the associated public coast station's

   (b) Each public coast station serving stations on land must afford
   priority to marine-originating communications through any appropriate
   electrical or mechanical means.

   (c) Land station identification shall consist of the associated public
   coast station's call sign, followed by a unique numeric or alphabetic
   unit identifier;

   (d) Radio equipment used on land must be certified for use under part
   22, part 80, or part 90 of this chapter. Such equipment must operate
   only on the public correspondence channels authorized for use by the
   associated public coast station;

   (e) Transmitter power shall be in accordance with the limits set in
   § 80.215 for ship stations and antenna height shall be limited to 6.1
   meters (20 feet) above ground level;

   (f) Land stations may only communicate with public coast stations and
   must remain within radio range of associated public coast stations;

   (g) The land station must cease operation immediately upon written
   notice by the Commission to the associated public coast station that
   the land station is causing harmful interference to marine

   [ 62 FR 40304 , July 28, 1997, as amended at  72 FR 31194 , June 6, 2007;
    73 FR 4480 , Jan. 25, 2008]


Special Procedures—Private Coast Stations


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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