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FCC 80.1155
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  80.1155   Radioprinter.

   Radioprinter operations provide record communications between
   authorized maritime mobile stations.

   (a) Supplementary eligibility requirements. Ships must be less than
   1600 gross tons.

   (b) Scope of communication. (1) Ship radioprinter communications may be
   conducted with an associated private coast station.

   (2) Ships authorized to communicate by radioprinter with a common
   private coast station may also conduct intership radioprinter

   (3) Only those communications which are associated with the business
   and operational needs of the ship are authorized.

   (c) Assignment and use of frequencies. (1) Frequencies for radioprinter
   operations are shared by several radio services including the maritime
   mobile service.

   (2) Ship stations must conduct radioprinter operations only on
   frequencies assigned to their associated private coast station for that

   (d) Authorization procedure. The authorization procedure for ship
   station radioprinter operations is as follows:

   (1) The associated private coast station must submit an application for
   specific radioprinter frequencies and provide the names of ships to be

   (2) When the private coast station receives a radioprinter license, it
   must provide copies of their license to all ships with which they are
   authorized to conduct radioprinter operations. The private coast
   station license copy must be kept as part of the ship station license.

   (3) Any addition or deletion of ships must be notified to the
   Commission by letter.


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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