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FCC 80.1101
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  80.1101   Performance standards.

   (a) The abbreviations used in this section are as follows:

   (1) International Maritime Organization (IMO).

   (2) International Telecommunication Union—Telecommunication
   Standardization Bureau (ITU-T) (Standards formerly designated as CCITT
   are now designated as ITU-T.)

   (3) International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

   (4) International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

   (5) International Telecommunication Union—Radiocommunication Bureau
   (ITU-R) (Standards formerly designated as CCIR are now designated as

   (b) All equipment specified in this subpart must meet the general
   requirements for shipboard equipment in conformity with performance
   specifications listed in this paragraph, which are incorporated by
   reference. (See § 80.7).

   (1) IMO Resolution A.694(17), as revised by IMO Resolution MSC.149(77)

   (2) ITU-T E.161.

   (3) ITU-T E.164.1.

   (4) IEC 60092-101.

   (5) IEC 60533.

   (6) IEC 60945.

   (7) ISO Standard 3791.

   (c) The equipment specified in this subpart must also conform to the
   appropriate performance standards listed in paragraphs (c)(1) through
   (12) of this section, which are incorporated by reference (see § 80.7),
   and must be tested in accordance with the applicable IEC testing
   standards listed in paragraph (c)(13) of this section, which are also
   incorporated by reference. (See § 80.7).

   (1) NAVTEX receivers:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.525(13), as revised by IMO Maritime Safety
   Committee (MSC) Resolution MSC.148(77).

   (ii) ITU-R M.540-2.

   (2) VHF radio equipment:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.803(19), as amended by IMO Resolution MSC.68(68).

   (ii) ITU-R M.493-13.

   (iii) ITU-R M.541-9.

   (3) MF radio equipment:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.804(19), as amended by IMO Resolution MSC.68(68).

   (ii) ITU-R M.493-13.

   (iii) ITU-R M.541-9.

   (4) MF/HF radio equipment:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.806(19), as amended by IMO Resolution MSC.68(68).

   (ii) ITU-R M.493-13.

   (iii) ITU-R M.541-9.

   (iv) IMO Resolution A.700(17).

   (5) 406.0-406.1 MHz EPIRBs:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.810(19), as amended by IMO Resolution MSC.56(66)
   and IMO Resolution MSC.120(74).

   (ii) IMO Resolution A.662(16).

   (iii) ITU-R M.633-3.

   (iv) The 406.0-406.1 MHz EPIRBs must also comply with § 80.1061.

   (6) 9 GHz radar transponders:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.802(19), as amended by IMO Resolution MSC.247(83).

   (ii) ITU-R M.628-4.

   (7) Two-Way VHF radiotelephone:

   (i) IMO Resolution A.809(19), as revised by IMO Resolution MSC.149(77).

   (ii) IMO Resolution MSC.80(70).

   (8) INMARSAT Ship Earth Station Capable of Two-Way Communications: IMO
   Resolution A.808(19).

   (9) INMARSAT-C SES: IMO Resolution A.807(19), as amended by IMO
   Resolution MSC.68(68).

   (10) INMARSAT EGC: IMO Resolution A.664(16).

   (11) Shipboard radar:

   (i) IEC 60945.

   (ii) IEC 62388 Edition 1.0 (2007-12).

   (iii) IMO Resolution A.694(17).

   (iv) IMO Resolution MSC.191(79).

   (v) IMO Resolution MSC.192(79).

   (vi) ITU-R M.1177-3.

   (12) Automatic Identification Systems (AIS):

   (i) ITU-R M.1371-3.

   (ii) IMO Resolution MSC.74(69).

   (iii) IEC 61162-1.

   (iv) IEC 61993-2 .

   (13) Standards for testing GMDSS equipment:

   (i) IEC 61097-1.

   (ii) IEC 61097-3.

   (iii) IEC 61097-4.

   (iv) IEC 61097-6.

   (v) IEC 61097-7.

   (vi) IEC 61097-8.

   (vii) IEC 61097-9.

   (viii) IEC 61097-10.

   (ix) IEC 61097-12.

   (x) IEC 61097-13.

   [ 68 FR 46977 , Aug. 7, 2003, as amended at  69 FR 64680 , Nov. 8, 2004;  73 FR 4490 , Jan. 25, 2008;  74 FR 5125 , Jan. 29, 2009;  76 FR 67617 , Nov. 2,


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