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FCC 80.1071
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  80.1071   Exemptions.

   (a) In certain circumstances, partial or conditional exemptions may be
   granted to individual ships from the requirements of § § 80.1085,
   80.1087, 80.1089, 80.1091, and 80.1093 provided: such ships comply with
   the functional requirements of § 80.1081 and a showing is made that such
   an exemption will not have a material effect upon the general
   efficiency of the service for the safety of all ships.

   (b) An exemption may be granted under paragraph (a) of this section

   (1) If the conditions affecting safety are such as to render the full
   application of § § 80.1085, 80.1087, 80.1089, 80.1091, and 80.1093
   unreasonable or unnecessary or otherwise not in the public interest;

   (2) In exceptional circumstances, for a single voyage outside the sea
   area or sea areas for which the ship is equipped.

   (c) All fishing vessels of 300 gross tons and upward are exempt from
   subpart W requirements applicable for carriage of VHF-DSC and MF-DSC
   equipment until one year after the USCG establishes GMDSS coast
   facilities for Sea Areas A1 and A2, if the following provisions are

   (1) The ship is equipped with:

   (i) A VHF radiotelephone installation.

   (ii) A MF or HF radiotelephone installation.

   (iii) A Category 1, 406.0-406.1 MHz EPIRB meeting the requirements of
   § 80.1061;

   (iv) A NAVTEX receiver meeting the requirements of § 80.1101(c)(1);

   (v) Survival craft equipment meeting the requirements of § 80.1095;

   (vi) A Search and Rescue Transponder meeting the requirements of
   § 80.1101(c)(6); and

   (2) The ship remains within coverage of a VHF coast station and
   maintains a continuous watch on VHF Channel 16; or

   (3) The vessel remains within coverage of an MF coast station and
   maintains a continuous watch on 2182 kHz and VHF Channel 16.

   [ 57 FR 9065 , Mar. 16, 1992, as amended at  68 FR 46975 , Aug. 7, 2003;  73 FR 4489 , Jan. 25, 2008]


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