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FCC 78.61
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  78.61   Operator requirements.

   (a) Except in cases where a CARS station is operated unattended in
   accordance with § 78.53 or except as provided in other paragraphs of
   this section, a person shall be on duty at the place where the
   transmitting apparatus is located, in plain view and in actual charge
   of its operation or at a remote control point established pursuant to
   the provision of § 78.51, at all times when the station is in operation.
   Control and monitoring equipment at a remote control point shall be
   readily accessible and clearly visible to the operator at that

   (b) Any transmitter tests, adjustments, or repairs during or coincident
   with the installation, servicing, operation or maintenance of a CARS
   station which may affect the proper operation of such station shall be
   made by or under the immediate supervision and responsibility of a
   person responsible for proper functioning of the station equipment.

   (c) The operator on duty and in charge of a CARS station may, at the
   discretion of the licensee, be employed for other duties or for the
   operation of another station or stations in accordance with the rules
   governing such stations. However, such duties shall in no way impair or
   impede the required supervision of the CARS station.

   (d) CARS stations operating with nominal transmitter power of 250
   milliwatts or less may be operated by any person whom the licensee
   shall designate. Pursuant to this provision, the designated person
   shall perform as the licensee's agent and proper operation of the
   station shall remain the licensee's responsibility.

   (e) Mobile CARS stations operating with nominal transmitter power in
   excess of 250 milliwatts may be operated by any person whom the
   licensee shall designate: Provided that a person is on duty at a
   receiving end of the circuit to supervise operation and to immediately
   institute measures sufficient to assure prompt correction of any
   condition of improper operation that may be observed.

   (Secs. 1, 2, 301, 307, 48 Stat., as amended, 1064, 1081, 1083; (47
   U.S.C. 151, 152, 301, 307))

   [ 43 FR 4617 , Feb. 3, 1978, as amended at  49 FR 20671 , May 16, 1984;  50 FR 32418 , Aug. 12, 1985]


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