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FCC 78.109
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  78.109   Major and minor modifications to stations.

   (a) Amendments to applications and modifications to stations are
   classified as major or minor. A major modification requires a formal
   application. A major amendment to an application is treated as a new

   (b) Major modifications to a station or amendments to an application
   include, but are not limited to:

   (1) Any increase in bandwidth;

   (2) Any change in the transmitting antenna system of a station, other
   than a CARS pickup station, including the direction of the main
   radiation lobe, directive pattern, antenna gain or transmission line,
   antenna height or location;

   (3) Any change in the type of modulation;

   (4) Any change in the location of a station transmitter, other than a
   CARS pickup station transmitter, except a move within the same building
   or upon the tower or mast or a change in the area of operation of a
   CARS pickup station;

   (5) Any change in frequency assignment, including polarization;

   (6) Any increase in authorized operating power;

   (7) Any substantial change in ownership or control;

   (8) Any addition or change in frequency, excluding removing a

   (9) Any modification or amendment requiring an environmental assessment
   (as governed by § § 1.1301 through 1319 of this chapter, including
   changes affecting historic preservation under § 1.1307(a)(4) of this
   chapter and 16 U.S.C. 470 (National Historic Preservation Act));

   (10) Any request requiring frequency coordination; or

   (11) Any modification or amendment requiring notification to the
   Federal Aviation Administration as defined in 47 CFR 17, subpart B.

   (c) Minor changes may be made at the discretion of the licensee,
   provided proper notice is given to the Commission within 30 days of
   implementing the change and provided further, that the changes are
   appropriately reflected in the next application for renewal of the
   license for the station.

   (d) For applications and modifications, the following changes are
   considered minor:

   (1) Any name change not involving change in ownership or control of the

   (2) Any change to administrative information, e.g., address, telephone
   number, or contact person;

   (3) Any change in ownership that does not affect the identity or
   controlling interest of the licensee;

   (4) Lowering power;

   (5) Removing one or more channels; or

   (6) Deleting a path.

   [ 68 FR 27004 , May 19, 2003]


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