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FCC 78.107
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  78.107   Equipment and installation.

   (a) Applications for new cable television relay stations, other than
   fixed stations, will not be accepted unless the equipment specified
   therein has been certified in accordance with subpart J of part 2 of
   this chapter. In the case of fixed stations, the equipment must be
   authorized under Supplier's Declaration of Conformity for use pursuant
   to the provisions of this subpart. Transmitters designed for use in the
   31.0 to 31.3 GHz band shall be authorized under Supplier's Declaration
   of Conformity.

   Note 1 to the introductory text to paragraph (a): The verification
   procedure has been replaced by Supplier's Declaration of Conformity.
   Equipment previously authorized under subpart J of part 2 of this
   chapter may remain in use. See § 2.950 of this chapter.

   (1) All transmitters first licensed or marketed shall comply with
   technical standards of this subpart. This paragraph (b)(1) of this
   section is effective October 1, 1981.

   (2) Neither certification nor Supplier's Declaration of Conformity is
   required for the following transmitters:

   (i) Those which have an output power not greater than 250 mW and which
   are used in a CARS pickup station operating in the 12.7-13.2 GHz band;

   (ii) Those used under a developmental authorization.

   (b) Cable television relay station transmitting equipment authorized to
   be used pursuant to an application accepted for filing prior to October
   1, 1981, may continue to be used, provided, that if operation of such
   equipment causes harmful interference due to its failure to comply with
   the technical standards set forth in this subpart the Commission may,
   at its discretion, require the licensee to take such corrective action
   as is necessary to eliminate the interference.

   (c) The installation of a CARS station shall be made by or under the
   immediate supervision of a qualified engineer. Any tests or adjustments
   requiring the radiation of signals and which could result in improper
   operation shall be conducted by or under the immediate supervision of a
   person with required knowledge and skill to perform such tasks.

   (d) Simple repairs such as the replacement of tubes, fuses, or other
   plug-in components which require no particular skill may be made by an
   unskilled person. Repairs requiring replacement of attached components
   or the adjustment of critical circuits or corroborative measurements
   shall be made only by a person with required knowledge and skill to
   perform such tasks.

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