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FCC 76.1611
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  76.1611   Political cable rates and classes of time.

   If a system permits a candidate to use its cablecast facilities, the
   system shall disclose to all candidates information about rates, terms,
   conditions and all value-enhancing discount privileges offered to
   commercial advertisers. Systems may use reasonable discretion in making
   the disclosure; provided, however, that the disclosure includes, at a
   minimum, the following information:

   (a) A description and definition of each class of time available to
   commercial advertisers sufficiently complete enough to allow candidates
   to identify and understand what specific attributes differentiate each

   (b) A description of the lowest unit charge and related privileges
   (such as priorities against preemption and make goods prior to specific
   deadlines) for each class of time offered to commercial advertisers;

   (c) A description of the system's method of selling preemptible time
   based upon advertiser demand, commonly known as the “current selling
   level,” with the stipulation that candidates will be able to purchase
   at these demand-generated rates in the same manner as commercial

   (d) An approximation of the likelihood of preemption for each kind of
   preemptible time; and

   (e) An explanation of the system's sales practices, if any, that are
   based on audience delivery, with the stipulation that candidates will
   be able to purchase this kind of time, if available to commercial


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