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FCC 76.1204
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  76.1204   Availability of equipment performing conditional access or
security functions.

   (a)(1) A multichannel video programming distributor that utilizes
   Navigation Devices to perform conditional access functions shall make
   available equipment that incorporates only the conditional access
   functions of such devices.

   (2) The foregoing requirement shall not apply to a multichannel video
   programming distributor that supports the active use by subscribers of
   Navigation Devices that:

   (i) Operate throughout the continental United States, and

   (ii) Are available from retail outlets and other vendors throughout the
   United States that are not affiliated with the owner or operator of the
   multichannel video programming system.

   (b) Conditional access function equipment made available pursuant to
   paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall be designed to connect to and
   function with other Navigation Devices available through the use of a
   commonly used interface or an interface that conforms to appropriate
   technical standards promulgated by a national standards organization.

   (c) No multichannel video programming distributor shall by contract,
   agreement, patent, intellectual property right or otherwise preclude
   the addition of features or functions to the equipment made available
   pursuant to this section that are not designed, intended or function to
   defeat the conditional access controls of such devices or to provide
   unauthorized access to service.

   (d) Notwithstanding the foregoing, Navigation Devices need not be made
   available pursuant to this section where:

   (1) It is not reasonably feasible to prevent such devices from being
   used for the unauthorized reception of service; or

   (2) It is not reasonably feasible to separate conditional access from
   other functions without jeopardizing security.

   (e) Paragraphs (a)(1), (b), and (c) of this section shall not apply to
   the provision of any Navigation Device that:

   (1) Employs conditional access mechanisms only to access analog video

   (2) Is capable only of providing access to analog video programming
   offered over a multichannel video programming distribution system; and

   (3) Does not provide access to any digital transmission of multichannel
   video programming or any other digital service through any receiving,
   decoding, conditional access, or other function, including any
   conversion of digital programming or service to an analog format.

   [ 81 FR 13997 , Mar. 16, 2016]


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