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FCC 74.635
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  74.635   Unattended operation.

   (a) TV relay stations, TV translator relay stations, TV STL stations,
   and TV microwave booster stations may be operated unattended under the
   following conditions:

   (1) The transmitter must be provided with adequate safeguards to
   prevent improper operation.

   (2) The transmitter shall be so installed and protected that it is not
   accessible to other than duly authorized persons;

   (3) TV relay stations, TV STL stations, TV translator relay stations,
   and TV microwave booster stations used with these stations, shall be
   observed at the receiving end of the microwave circuit as often as
   necessary to ensure proper station operation by a person designated by
   the licensee, who must institute measures sufficient to ensure prompt
   correction of any condition of improper operation. However, an STL
   station (and any TV microwave booster station) associated with a TV
   broadcast station operated by remote control may be observed by
   monitoring the TV station's transmitted signal at the remote control
   point. Additionally, a TV translator relay station (and any associated
   TV microwave booster station) may be observed by monitoring the
   associated TV translator station's transmitted signal.

   (b) The FCC may notify the licensee to cease or modify operation in the
   case of frequency usage disputes, interference or similar situations
   where such action appears to be in the public interest, convenience and

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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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