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FCC 74.532
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  74.532   Licensing requirements.

   (a) An aural broadcast STL or an aural broadcast intercity relay
   station will be licensed only to the licensee or licensees of broadcast
   stations, including low power FM stations, other than international
   broadcast stations, and for use with broadcast stations owned entirely
   by or under common control of the licensee or licensees. An aural
   broadcast intercity relay station also will be licensed for use by low
   power FM stations, noncommercial educational FM translator stations
   assigned to reserved channels (Channels 201-220) and owned and operated
   by their primary station, by FM translator stations operating within
   the coverage contour of their primary stations, and by FM booster
   stations. Aural auxiliary stations licensed to low power FM stations
   will be assigned on a secondary basis; i.e., subject to the condition
   that no harmful interference is caused to other aural auxiliary
   stations assigned to radio broadcast stations. Auxiliary stations
   licensed to low power FM stations must accept any interference caused
   by stations having primary use of aural auxiliary frequencies.

   (b) More than one aural broadcast STL or intercity relay station may be
   licensed to a single licensee upon a satisfactory showing that the
   additional stations are needed to provide different program circuits to
   more than one broadcast station, to provide program circuits from other
   studios, or to provide one or more intermediate relay stations over a
   path which cannot be covered with a single station due to terrain or

   (c) If more than one broadcast station or class of broadcast station is
   to be served by a single aural broadcast auxiliary station, this
   information must be stated in the application for construction permit
   or license.

   (d) Licensees of aural broadcast STL and intercity relay stations may
   be authorized to operate one or more aural broadcast microwave booster
   stations for the purpose of relaying signals over a path that cannot be
   covered with a single station.

   (e) Each aural broadcast auxiliary station will be licensed at a
   specified transmitter location to communicate with a specified
   receiving location, and the direction of the main radiation lobe of the
   transmitting antenna will be a term of the station authorization.

   (f) In case of permanent discontinuance of operations of a station
   licensed under this subpart, the licensee shall cancel the station
   license using FCC Form 601. For purposes of this section, a station
   which is not operated for a period of one year is considered to have
   been permanently discontinued.

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