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FCC 74.451
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  74.451   Certification of equipment.

   (a) Applications for new remote pickup broadcast stations or systems or
   for changing transmitting equipment of an existing station will not be
   accepted unless the transmitters to be used have been certificated by
   the FCC pursuant to the provisions of this subpart, or have been
   certificated for licensing under part 90 of this chapter and do not
   exceed the output power limits specified in § 74.461(b).

   (b) Any manufacturer of a transmitter to be used in this service may
   apply for certification for such transmitter following the
   certification procedure set forth in part 2 of the Commission's rules
   and regulations. Attention is also directed to part 1 of the
   Commission's rules and regulations which specifies the fees required
   when filing an application for certification.

   (c) An applicant for a remote pickup broadcast station or system may
   also apply for certification for an individual transmitter by following
   the certification procedure set forth in part 2 of the Commission's
   rules and regulations.

   (d) All transmitters marketed for use under this subpart shall be
   certificated by the Federal Communications Commission. (Refer to
   subpart J of part 2 of the Commission's Rules and Regulations.)

   (e) Remote pickup broadcast station equipment authorized to be used
   pursuant to an application accepted for filing prior to December 1,
   1977, may continue to be used by the licensee or its successors or
   assignees: Provided, however, If operation of such equipment causes
   harmful interference due to its failure to comply with the technical
   standards set forth in this subpart, the Commission may, at its
   discretion, require the licensee to take such corrective action as is
   necessary to eliminate the interference.

   (f) Each instrument of authority which permits operation of a remote
   pickup broadcast station or system using equipment which has not been
   certificated will specify the particular transmitting equipment which
   the licensee is authorized to use.

   (Sec. 5, 48 Stat. 1068; 47 U.S.C. 155)

   [ 41 FR 29686 , July 19, 1976, as amended at  42 FR 14728 , Mar. 16, 1977;
    42 FR 43636 , Aug. 30, 1977;  43 FR 14661 , Apr. 7, 1978;  45 FR 28142 ,
   Apr. 28, 1980;  63 FR 36604 , July 7, 1998;  68 FR 12765 , Mar. 17, 2003]


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