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FCC 74.1234
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  74.1234   Unattended operation.

   (a) A station authorized under this subpart may be operated without a
   designated person in attendance if the following requirements are met:

   (1) If the transmitter site cannot be reached promptly at all hours and
   in all seasons, means shall be provided so that the transmitting
   apparatus can be turned on and off at will from a point which is
   readily accessible at all hours and in all seasons.

   (2) The transmitter shall also be equipped with suitable automatic
   circuits which will place it in a nonradiating condition in the absence
   of a signal on the input channel.

   (3) The on-and-off control (if at a location other than the transmitter
   site) and the transmitting apparatus, shall be adequately protected
   against tampering by unauthorized persons.

   (4) The FCC in Washington, DC, Attention: Audio Division, Media Bureau,
   shall be supplied by letter with the name, address, and telephone
   number of a person or persons who may be contacted to secure suspension
   of operation of the translator promptly should such action be deemed
   necessary by the Commission. Such information shall be kept current by
   the licensee.

   (5) Where the antenna and supporting structure are required to be
   painted and lighted under the provisions of Part 17 of this chapter,
   the licensee shall make suitable arrangements for the daily inspection
   and logging of the obstruction lighting and associated control
   equipment as required by § § 17.47, 17.48, and 17.49 of this chapter.

   (b) An application for authority to construct a new station pursuant to
   this subpart or to make changes in the facilities of such a station,
   which proposes unattended operation shall include an adequate showing
   as to the manner of compliance with this section.

   [ 35 FR 15388 , Oct. 2, 1970, as amended at  37 FR 18540 , Sept. 13, 1972;
    38 FR 25992 , Sept. 17, 1973;  60 FR 55484 , Nov. 1, 1995;  63 FR 33879 ,
   June 22, 1998;  67 FR 13234 , Mar. 21, 2002]


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Goto Year: 2020 | 2022
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