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FCC 73.759
Revised as of November 23, 2020
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  §  73.759   Auxiliary transmitters.

   Upon showing that a need exists for the use of auxiliary transmitters,
   a license may be issued provided that:

   (a) Auxiliary transmitters may be installed either at the same location
   as the main transmitters or at another location.

   (b) [Reserved]

   (c) The auxiliary transmitters shall be maintained so that they may be
   put into immediate operation at any time for the following purposes:

   (1) The transmission of the regular programs upon the failure of the
   main transmitters.

   (2) The transmission of regular programs during maintenance or
   modification work on the main transmitter, necessitating discontinuance
   of its operation for a period not to exceed 5 days. (This includes the
   equipment changes which may be made without authority as set forth
   elsewhere in the rules and regulations or as authorized by the
   Commission by letter or by construction permit. Where such operation is
   required for periods in excess of 5 days, request therefor shall be in
   accordance with § 73.3542 of this chapter.)

   (3) Upon request by a duly authorized representative of the Commission.

   (d) The auxiliary transmitters shall be tested at least once each week
   to determine that they are in proper operating condition and that they
   are adjusted to the proper frequency except that in the case of
   operation in accordance with paragraph (c) of this section during any
   week, the test in that week may be omitted provided the operation under
   paragraph (c) of this section is satisfactory. A record shall be kept
   of the time and result of each test. Such records shall be retained for
   a period of two years.

   (e) The auxiliary transmitters shall be equipped with satisfactory
   control equipment which will enable the maintenance of the frequency
   emitted by the station within the limits prescribed by the regulations
   in this part.

   (f) The operating power of an auxiliary transmitter may be less but not
   greater than the authorized power of the main transmitters.

   [ 28 FR 13696 , Dec. 14, 1963, as amended at  37 FR 25843 , Dec. 5, 1972;
    60 FR 55480 , Nov. 1, 1995. Redesignated at  70 FR 46677 , Aug. 10, 2005]


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