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FCC 73.612
Revised as of November 23, 2020
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  §  73.612   Protection from interference.

   (a) Permittees and licensees of TV broadcast stations are not protected
   from any interference which may be caused by the grant of a new station
   or of authority to modify the facilities of an existing station in
   accordance with the provisions of this subpart. The nature and extent
   of the protection from interference accorded to TV broadcast stations
   is limited solely to the protection which results from the minimum
   allotment and station separation requirements and the rules and
   regulations with respect to maximum powers and antenna heights set
   forth in this subpart.

   (b) When the Commission determines that grant of an application would
   serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity and the
   instrument of authorization specifies an antenna location in a
   designated antenna farm area which results in distance separation less
   than those specified in this subpart, TV broadcast station permittees
   and licensees shall be afforded protection from interference equivalent
   to the protection afforded under the minimum distance separations
   specified in this subpart.

   Note: The nature and extent of the protection from interference
   accorded to TV broadcast stations which were authorized prior to April
   14, 1952, and which were operating on said date is limited not only as
   specified above but is further limited by any smaller separations
   existing between such stations on said date. Where, as a result of the
   adoption of the Table of Allotments or of changes in transmitter sites
   made by such stations after said date, separations smaller than the
   required minimum are increased but still remain lower than the required
   minimum, protection accorded such stations will be limited to the new

   [ 28 FR 13660 , Dec. 14, 1963, as amended at  32 FR 8814 , June 21, 1967;
    50 FR 23698 , June 5, 1985;  51 FR 44070 , Dec. 8, 1986]


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