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FCC 73.506
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  73.506   Classes of noncommercial educational FM stations and channels.

   (a) Noncommercial educational stations operating on the channels
   specified in § 73.501 are divided into the following classes:

   (1) A Class D educational station is one operating with no more than 10
   watts transmitter power output.

   (2) A Class D educational (secondary) station is one operating with no
   more than 10 watts transmitter power output in accordance with the
   terms of § 73.512 or which has elected to follow these requirements
   before they become applicable under the terms of § 73.512.

   (3) Noncommercial educational FM (NCE-FM) stations with more than 10
   watts transmitter power output are classified as Class A, B1, B, C3,
   C2, C1, or C depending on the station's effective radiated power and
   antenna height above average terrain, and on the zone in which the
   station's transmitter is located, on the same basis as set forth in
   § § 73.210 and 73.211 for commercial stations.

   (b) Any noncommercial educational station except Class D may be
   assigned to any of the channels listed in § 73.501. Class D
   noncommercial educational FM stations applied for or authorized prior
   to June 1, 1980, may continue to operate on their authorized channels
   subject to the provisions of § 73.512.

   [ 43 FR 39715 , Sept. 6, 1978, as amended at  49 FR 10264 , Mar. 20, 1984;
    52 FR 47569 , Dec. 15, 1987;  54 FR 16367 , Apr. 24, 1989;  54 FR 19374 ,
   May 5, 1989]


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