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FCC 73.406
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  73.406   Notification.

   (a) Hybrid AM and FM licensees must electronically file a digital
   notification to the Commission in Washington, DC, within 10 days of
   commencing IBOC digital operation.

   (1) All-digital licensees must file a digital notification within 10
   days of the following changes:

   (i) Any reduction in nominal power of an all-digital AM station;

   (ii) A transition from enhanced to core-only operating mode; or

   (iii) A reversion from all-digital to hybrid or analog operation.

   (2) All-digital licensees will not be permitted to commence operation
   sooner than 30 calendar days from public notice of digital notification
   of the following changes:

   (i) The commencement of new all-digital operation;

   (ii) An increase in nominal power of an all-digital AM station; or

   (iii) A transition from core-only to enhanced operating mode.

   (b) Every digital notification must include the following information:

   (1) The call sign and facility identification number of the station;

   (2) If applicable, the date on which the new or modified IBOC operation
   commenced or ceased;

   (3) The name and telephone number of a technical representative the
   Commission can call in the event of interference;

   (4) A certification that the operation will not cause human exposure to
   levels of radio frequency radiation in excess of the limits specified
   in § 1.1310 of this chapter and is therefore categorically excluded from
   environmental processing pursuant to § 1.1306(b) of this chapter. Any
   station that cannot certify compliance must submit an environmental
   assessment (“EA”) pursuant to § 1.1311 of this chapter and may not
   commence IBOC operation until such EA is ruled upon by the Commission.

   (c) Each AM digital notification must also include the following

   (1) A certification that the IBOC DAB facilities conform to applicable
   nominal power limits and emissions mask limits;

   (2) The nominal power of the station; if separate analog and digital
   transmitters are used, the nominal power for each transmitter;

   (3) If applicable, the amount of any reduction in an AM station's
   digital carriers;

   (4) For all-digital stations, the type of notification (all-digital
   notification, increase in nominal power, reduction in nominal power,
   transition from core-only to enhanced, transition from enhanced to
   core-only, reversion from all-digital to hybrid or analog operation);

   (5) For all-digital stations, if a notification of commencement of new
   all-digital service or a nominal power change, whether the station is
   operating in core-only or enhanced mode; and

   (6) For all-digital stations, a certification that the all-digital
   station complies with all Emergency Alert System (EAS) requirements in
   part 11 of this chapter.

   (d) Each FM digital notification must also include the following

   (1) A certification that the IBOC DAB facilities conform to the HD
   Radio emissions mask limits;

   (2) FM digital effective radiated power used and certification that the
   FM analog effective radiated power remains as authorized;

   (3) If applicable, the geographic coordinates, elevation data, and
   license file number of the auxiliary antenna employed by an FM station
   as a separate digital antenna; and

   (4) If applicable, for FM systems employing interleaved antenna bays, a
   certification that adequate filtering and/or isolation equipment has
   been installed to prevent spurious emissions in excess of the limits
   specified in § 73.317.

   [ 85 FR 78027 , Dec. 3, 2020]


Subpart D—Noncommercial Educational FM Broadcast Stations

   Source:  28 FR 13651 , Dec. 14, 1963, unless otherwise noted.
   Redesignated at  72 FR 45692 , Aug. 15, 2007.


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