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FCC 68.501
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  68.501   Authorization procedures.

   (a) Authorization required. Unless exempt from the requirements of
   § § 68.4 and 68.6, ACS telephonic CPE manufactured in or imported into
   the United States after February 28, 2020, shall be certified as
   hearing aid compatible by a Telecommunications Certification Body or
   the responsible party shall follow the procedures in this part for a
   Supplier's Declaration of Conformity to establish that such CPE is
   hearing aid compatible.

   (b) Certification. The requirements of § § 68.160 and 68.162 shall apply
   to the certification of ACS telephonic CPE as hearing aid compatible.

   (c) Supplier's Declaration of Conformity. The requirements of
   § § 68.320-68.350 (except § 68.324(f)) shall apply to the use of the
   Supplier's Declaration of Conformity procedure to establish that ACS
   telephonic CPE is hearing aid compatible.

   (d) Revocation procedures. (1) The Commission may revoke the
   authorization of ACS telephonic CPE under this section, where:

   (i) The equipment approval is shown to have been obtained by

   (ii) The responsible party willfully or repeatedly fails to comply with
   the terms and conditions of its equipment approval; or

   (iii) The responsible party willfully or repeatedly fails to comply
   with any rule, regulation or order issued by the Commission under the
   Communications Act of 1934 relating to terminal equipment.

   (2) Before revoking such authorization, the Commission, or the
   Enforcement Bureau under delegated authority, will issue a written
   Notice of Intent to Revoke part 68 Authorization, or a Joint Notice of
   Apparent Liability for Forfeiture and Notice of Intent to Revoke part
   68 Authorization, pursuant to § § 1.80 and 1.89 of this chapter. The
   notice will be sent to the responsible party for the equipment at issue
   at the address provided to the Administrative Council for Terminal
   Attachments. A product that has had its authorization revoked may not
   be reauthorized for a period of six months from the date of revocation
   of the approval. A responsible party for ACS telephonic CPE that has
   had its authorization revoked or that has been assessed a forfeiture,
   or both, may request reconsideration or make administrative appeal of
   the decision pursuant to part 1 of the Commission's rules: Practice and
   Procedure, part 1 of this chapter.


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