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FCC 68.350
Revised as of September 1, 2021
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  §  68.350   Revocation of Supplier's Declaration of Conformity.

   (a) The Commission may revoke any Supplier's Declaration of Conformity
   for cause in accordance with the provisions of this section or in the
   event changes in technical standards published by the Administrative
   Council for Terminal Attachments require the revocation of any
   outstanding Supplier's Declaration of Conformity in order to achieve
   the objectives of part 68.

   (b) Cause for revocation. In addition to the provisions in § 68.211, the
   Commission may revoke a Supplier's Declaration of Conformity:

   (1) For false statements or representations made in materials or
   responses submitted to the Commission and/or the Administrative Council
   for Terminal Attachments, or in records required to be kept by § 68.324
   and the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments.

   (2) If upon subsequent inspection or operation it is determined that
   the equipment does not conform to the pertinent technical requirements.

   (3) If it is determined that changes have been made in the equipment
   other that those authorized by this part or otherwise expressly
   authorized by the Commission.

   [ 66 FR 7587 , Jan. 24, 2001]


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